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Episode 13 | Dr. Jason Williams | The Present-Minded Professor

  Sport executives often debate the value of sport-specific college degrees. Some argue the focus is too narrow. Others claim an emphasis on industry-related subjects produces better applicants. Dr. Jason Williams, assistant dean of the Simon School of Business at Maryville University, also directs the school’s Rawlings Sport Business Management program. In this wide-ranging interview […]

Episode 12 | Zach Benson | The Incredible Instagram Influencer

  The instantaneous nature of Instagram has helped make it one of the world’s biggest platforms. But this week’s guest has figured out that instant doesn’t mean random. Instagram influencer Zach Benson has devised an imaginative and impressive way to use Instagram to build a shared network of 220 million followers. Enter Assistagram, a marketing […]

Episode 11 | Lee Bird | The Brand Man

  Can a retail company in 40 states close more than 200 mega-stores during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, then watch their stock skyrocket to a record high that same quarter? Yes, the Brand Man can. Can a chairman/CEO of a sleepy firm seeking to go public successfully inspire an all-star cast of directors […]

Episode 10 | Davis Smith | Capitalism, Cotopaxi-Style

  With all the talk lately about tearing down and rebuilding institutions, government, policing, education, and media, what about capitalism? Cotopaxi Founder and CEO Davis Smith has become a successful and influential entrepreneur because he built what he calls a “benefit corporation” his way. With a unique upbringing, Davis is now training others around the globe to […]

Episode 9 | Scott Anderson | Out Of The Banker’s Box

  A banker’s life: dull, unimaginative, inflexible. Right? Not so if you’ve met Scott Anderson, President and CEO of 147-year old Zions Bank, the 44th largest in America, with assets over $70B. This episode digs into how financial services are removing the stigma of being barriers to commercial progress and proving they’re the primary mover […]

Episode 8 | Sarah McKenna | Red Sox Romantic

  Being the senior vice president of fan services and entertainment at the renowned Boston Red Sox has its perks. But the owner of that title, Sarah McKenna, explains how none of it matters if you lose sight of what your role means. Fan Services: everything is for the fans who are here to be served. […]

Episode 7 | Todd Hoffman | Nobody’s Fools Gold

  He may have created and starred in the hit Discovery Channel series, Gold Rush, one of the top-rated shows on cable television the last 10 years, but there was no rush to gold for Todd Hoffman. From humble and unconventional beginnings, you’ll see how this week’s game face exec had just enough vision, mixed […]

Episode 6 | Lanette Richardson | Women In Sales

  Who do you trust more to sell you something – a man or a woman? Women are usually preferred. Then why has the sales industry been historically run and populated by men? In 2018 Lanette Richardson asked the same question and, without trying to create a battle of the sexes, launched Utah Women in […]

Episode 5 | Mike Keiser | Golf’s Wind Walker

  The patron saint of public golf.” That’s how they describe Mike Keiser, the most prolific and respected golf course developer of the last 20 years. The visionary behind the five courses at Bandon Dunes, Oregon – four of which are listed in the Top 15 public courses in America – with 14 others completed […]

Episode 4 | Tim Boyle | One Tough Difference-Maker

  Tough times require tough companies – and tougher leaders. That’s why it’s no surprise that 60-year old Columbia Sportswear continues to blaze ahead of apparel companies worldwide. Join us as the company’s chairman and CEO, Tim Boyle, reflects on how one family transformed a hat business into today’s outdoor apparel behemoth boasting sales of […]