It doesn’t matter your industry. If your business sells something, we can develop your staff and methodology to sell more of it.


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It’s assumed that your sales staff is already equipped with great products and services — Game Face will rejuvenate the way they attack the market with salesperson- and customer-friendly techniques they can use confidently and easily every day to produce rapid and impactful results

Changing Industries Everywhere

Our results-centered sales training is a natural way of selling, not based on regretful gimmicks or underhanded tricks. Whatever your market, customers are looking for value before, during and after they have been sold. When your company presents its products and services as a means to an end, it will prove that you have your customer’s best interests in mind. The Game Face approach creates sustainable, lasting sales relationships instead of one-off deals.

Software Sales Training

With a sales cycle that can stretch into months or years, tech sales require a methodical and strategic approach so all stakeholders agree your product surpasses any other in the marketplace. Game Face works with salespeople, team leaders, quarterbacks, designers, engineers, developers and client success managers to demonstrate—through proper salesmanship—that yours is the solution worth the long-term investment.

Professional Services Sales

Lawyers, accountants, wealth managers and consultants of every kind have one thing in common: Their ability to influence and persuade can make the difference between a large book of business or a slow office day. Game Face specializes in client-friendly sales techniques that make professional and financial service executives respected rainmakers.

Manufacturing Sales

Game Face sales training has been used in manufacturing operations from industrial to hi-tech. Whether mobilizing a global sales force communicating in multiple languages or motivating an extensive dealer network to properly represent your brand, we can talk the language of your processes and products, getting all sales players on the same page.

Oil and Gas Sales Training

With an impressive list of oil and gas clients throughout North America, Game Face can talk the talk of this complex field, while using sports examples and case studies that resonate and drive the points home for sales teams in this industry.

Construction Sales

Historically, the construction world isn’t seen as a sales-driven industry. But when construction-related sales leaders use Game Face techniques to further differentiate themselves from the competition, clients conclude theirs is the company with which they want to invest their industrial, commercial or residential project.

Sales Training For Nonprofits

We assist in the growth of nonprofit organizations through message training that helps each member of the staff — whether in development, membership, or operations — achieve greater engagement with internal stakeholders and external constituents. Recognizing that nonprofits usually do not want to be viewed as sales-driven entities, we use a sustainable approach that is easy on all parties.

Any Sales Stage

Whether selling through an inbound, outbound, or outside sales model, Game Face sales training provides structure and guidance to fully leverage your product line, service capabilities, and team’s abilities.

Inbound Sales Training

You invest so much producing inbound activity, but are you completely confident your staff has everything they need to turn those warm leads into fast revenue for your firm? We have the experience with inbound calls to train any staff to nurture the lead and engage inquiries without resorting to an automatic pitch.

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Call Center Training

How do you prepare salespeople—usually young and inexperienced—to pick up the phone and call someone who has no declared desire to buy your product? Game Face has produced a methodology that builds immediate confidence no matter how new or nervous the salesperson may be.

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Outside Sales Rep Training

Though nearly every sale begins online or with a phone call, significant commitments by clients are most likely made after a face-to-face meeting. Our training helps any salesperson put on their best face when it’s nothing but knee to knee across a desk.

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Training at Every Level

From college students to veteran salespeople, we provide the sales philosophy and methodology that people have been calling “transformational,” “a game-changer,” and “a breath of fresh air” for two and a half decades. Whatever your status, experience or title, Game Face has you covered.

Entry-Level Sales

A salesperson new to an industry may be long on enthusiasm, but short on the skills and habits that make for a successful sale—and career. Before their enthusiasm for the job is burst by ill-advised techniques that lead to rejection and dejection, Game Face will earn their trust and show them a methodology and approach that will help them find their voice and win sales with integrity.

Advanced Sales Training

If a professional has been in sales for years, they must be doing something right. Game Face doesn’t try to undo the good that salespeople have attained; we simply take the good and make it better. Our approach complements successful techniques and refreshes them with new insights that veteran salespeople find invigorating and inspiring.

University Sales Curriculum

At last, higher education is realizing that since nothing in business happens until someone sells something, perhaps quality sales curriculum should be a part of their coursework offerings. Having developed the industry’s finest sales course for universities, Game Face can provide your program either online or onsite sales content that will make a degree from your school more practical and valuable to graduates and the firms that recruit them.


“I have worked with Rob on two boards. Possessing a large tool box of skills, he consistently demonstrates uncommon tenacity, inspired leadership and competitive excellence. His integrity is unquestionable, and Rob has an aptitude to produce significant improvements wherever he is.

Jake Nichol
Retired President/CEO, Leatherman Tool Group; former President, Stanley Proto Industrial Tools; and former President, Danaher Tool Group PTD

Supercharge Your Sales

Since nothing happens until somebody sells something, jumpstart your career or team through world-class sales training.

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Supercharge Your Sales

Since nothing happens until somebody sells something, jumpstart your career or team through world-class sales training.

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