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Expand your university brand locally and globally. Game Face sales training enhances how development and sales staff acquire new revenues for academic institutions.

Recruitment and admissions, fundraising and sponsorship, business and marketing courses — these all require a level of salesmanship, and Game Face can take them to new heights

Establishing Professional Sales in Every Institution

Higher education isn’t cheap. For many students, cost is a major factor in which school to attend, what field of study to pursue, or even if they want to earn a diploma at all.

Higher learning institutions face a number of challenges in today’s market and the costs of education are chief among them. Meanwhile, schools face enormous internal pressure to ensure their income sources are stable. Thus, the need for donations, endowments, and corporate sponsorship has never been greater. What is your school doing to afford new programs, upgraded facilities, greater faculty, relevant curriculum, and student services? Game Face supports higher ed by delivering the skills needed to secure funding of all sorts for these and other important educational objectives.


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How Game Face Partners With Universities

Add The World’s Best Sales Course to Your Curriculum

Perhaps the most eye-opening realization among college graduates is that shortly after graduation their first job is likely to involve, in one way or another, sales. Yet, while in school, how many are being prepared for this reality? Are they being given a chance to learn respectable sales methods by qualified professors? Neglecting or not offering this valuable subject could just be the biggest oversight of administrators and faculty professing to prepare students for life after campus.

professional sales training

Enter Game Face. Through nearly three decades of studying best sales practices and teaching them to sales professionals worldwide, we have designed a state-of-the-art online sales course based on our industry-leading experience. Available in 2020, this comprehensive sales course applies to any discipline or area of study. Through the Game Face Sales Course, accounting and law students will learn how to better acquire new clients. Students eyeing a career in education will learn how to connect better with students. Those pursuing medicine or healthcare will better understand how sales done right is translated to “bedside manner.” And marketing, public relations, or any business major will realize that since “nothing happens until somebody sells something,” they ought to improve their skills in this critical element of relationship-building.

A true complement to any business curriculum, the Game Face Sales Course has been produced with the student in mind. Whether experienced in sales or a true novice, all students will take significant lessons from this course to help them interview more effectively, collaborate more freely, and succeed more quickly. College administrators and instructors will find the material a perfect supplement to their current course offerings, giving their students real-life skills to enhance any degree.

Game Face Improves Gifts and Donations From Alumni

Universities and colleges are no different from other nonprofit organizations. They rely on donations and gifts to obtain funding for new programs, buildings, faculty, or simply to remain operational.

A traditional source of funds is from alumni gifts. Alumni have a sentimental attachment to their alma maters, but the decision to donate goes way beyond the association. Former students remember how difficult it was to be a student and, when approached properly, are convinced that even a small donation will help.

A motivated donor is great, but relying on such an approach is risky. Most institutions hope untrained and sometimes volunteer sales staff can contact influential alumni and persuade them to make a donation.

Game Face works with development staff to increase their effectiveness and assists alumni associations to develop sustainable training programs that reflect the mission and quality of the very institution they represent. Participants will learn basic sales concepts such as how to identify key influencers, how to conduct a professional sales call that doesn’t come off as intrusive or self-serving, and, most importantly, how to present a donation as being mutually beneficial.

Is Outsourcing Athletic Ticket Sales and Sponsorship Wise?

College athletics are recognizing the need to maximize revenues through corporate sponsorships and ticket sales. There was a time when, if big-name athletic departments wanted to increase their ticket revenue or corporate partnerships, they could just build a bigger stadium and wait for the business community and boosters to pour in. But times have changed, and even well-known universities have seen ticket sales and athletic donations drop. The reaction to this has been to outsource the profit-making centers like sponsorship and, increasingly, ticket sales.

Game Face has a better way. While outsourcing may work for concessions or parking, when a collegiate brand outsources corporate sales, fundraising and season ticket sales, they lose control of the school’s important messaging. As we have done with such leading brands as University of Texas and Brigham Young University, Game Face can show schools how to run an effective sales or fundraising campaign using internal employees and/or qualified students. We know how to advise and direct a customized sales operation while developing a dedicated and effective sales force that will faithfully sell any university brand.

“When Rob has spoken to our Executive MBA students, he has knocked it out of the park. His content is timely, relevant, and valuable. His delivery is clear, concise, and engaging. Our program will continue to use him.” 

Dr. Grant McQueen

Director, Brigham Young University MBA, Marriott School of Business

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