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If professional atheletes can go back to training camp each year, so can our veteran salespeople

Training for the Best of the Best

In too many sales offices around the world, a false notion exists that professional sales training is essential for new salespeople, but optional for veteran sales team members. While that sounds reasonable, how would it work in the medical field if your physician never received continuing education? Or if your auto mechanic never studied up on the latest computer-operated engines? Or if professional athletes decided to show up only on opening night, never attending training camp? Yes, veterans of any profession carry greater experience and insights than their entry-level colleagues, but does that make them perfect? Have they never lost a sale? Do they always negotiate a flawless deal? If they have acquired some lazy habits along the way, we’re the sales coaches who teach old dogs new tricks.

Game Face Challenges and Motivates Your Veterans

As students of sales, Game Face trainers admire expert sellers in any industry. We are respectful of their knowledge and experience, and work to complement their obvious success by challenging and motivating them to accomplish more. We aren’t here to disrupt their established processes and break down what they do well. Why criticize what’s working? Instead, we serve as colleagues who provide veterans new insights that make their sales engagements more effective and their established relationships more productive.

A Little Inspiration Goes a Long Way

In a Game Face training session, experienced sales staff are challenged but not confronted. During the workshop, newer salespeople might get some easy layups, but veterans are encouraged to hit the long jump shot. As with our sports team clients, Game Face understands the fine line between giving superstars some leeway while inspiring them to find an even better way.

Josh Leder

I am where I am today because of Rob and Game Face. The training was the most impactful of my career. The foundational skills of communication, sales, leadership and negotiation were all taught and exactly what I needed to launch two businesses. Our successes have been possible because of what we learned from Rob and his team.”

Josh Leder
– Founder & CEO, SoundPain Alliance; Owner, Sports Clips


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Stretching Your Superstars on Staff

Some of Game Face’s biggest fans are seasoned salespeople who experience our training. They frequently bemoan the fact that they didn’t get Game Face sales training earlier in their careers. That’s because our workshops provide deeper insight into:

How to attack new markets

Game Face gives experienced sales staff recommendations—based on our own years of experience—on how best to identify and sell to new markets. 

  • Define the ideal first customer, multiplying that success with the second and third customer, and so on. 
  • Leverage your reputation in other markets to build credibility in new ones. 
  • Stand out by cutting through the clutter other salespeople are wading through and articulate new and better ways to address the market’s pain points. 

How to expand current relationships

Perhaps your company sells other products the customer could buy but isn’t. We show seasoned salespeople how they can:

  • Widen their pool of contacts through the customer.
  • Demonstrate new value to existing agreements.
  • Help customers realize they have a special relationship with your company. 
  • Ask more probing questions without disrupting the current relationship dynamic.

How to salvage vulnerable relationships

Nobody likes to lose a customer. Even if they were problematic or overly demanding, they still bought your offerings. Maybe they had a bad experience, or perhaps your company didn’t live up to their expectations. Time for pros to go to work to save the customer, and ultimately, save revenues. 

  • Learning to understand before you solve.
  • Articulating the positive for every negative.
  • How an apology doesn’t end at sorry.
  • Presenting an alternative that progresses the relationship.
  • Using notable success stories to build your next.

How to win back former customers

Customer needs will always change. As they do, your seasoned sales reps should be prepared to be first on the scene, ready to suggest new solutions and value. 

  • How to reopen lines of communication.
  • How to tactfully learn why your customers stopped buying.
  • How to complement—not criticize—new relationships they may have formed.

Break the Cycle

Complacency is a common and natural human reaction, especially after sustained success. But it also leads to bad habits, missed opportunities, poor modeling, and reduced sales performance. With a sales training style veterans respect and appreciate, Game Face will re-energize and inspire your longstanding sales professionals. Sales leaders shouldn’t be surprised if, after a Game Face session, their veterans are the first to thank them for making the investment that reinvigorated their careers.

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