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Motivation with direction leads to inspiration. Experience the industry’s leading sports keynote speaker.

Game Face brings a unique perspective and engaging view of the issues facing sports today.

When it comes to the sports world, films and television give the impression that players and teams only need impassioned speeches to go out there and give it their all. While there is a time and a place for soaring rhetoric, Game Face Founder Rob Cornilles takes a more realistic and practical approach.

Who benefits from this service?

  • Sports leagues
  • Intercollegiate athletic departments and conferences
  • Sports-related organizations
  • Industry conferences, forums and trade shows
  • Professional teams
  • Agencies
Providing a Tailored Message

The message a keynote speaker delivers has to be clear and relevant to everyone. Not only does Rob have years of experience working with hundreds of sports-related businesses, but Game Face has the unique quality of having loyal clients in the very industries that sport executives want to attract, e.g., software, financial services, retail, manufacturing, consumer goods, professional services and more.

We cater to any audience by interpreting and articulating the messages you, the event organizer, wish to send about sales, customer service, team building, business development, customer/client acquisition, recruitment/human resources, or any issue related to organizational or sports leadership and administration.

Inspiring Your Audience To Be Better

A successful keynote speaker is one that, while setting or reinforcing the proper tone for your event, inspires an audience to be better than when they entered the room. The right speaker brings unique insights and ideas about the world of business and the challenges that companies and organizations face. Establishing such credibility leaves the audience wanting more—and thanking the organizer for choosing the right keynoter.

Memorable keynote speakers:

  • Bring specific ideas, not broad platitudes.
  • Are immediately seen as genuine and sincere, interested in the betterment of audience members.
  • Use compelling, firsthand stories to illustrate key messages.
  • Are relatable so the audience can apply what’s been said and is left with a feeling of kinship with the speaker.
  • Takes potentially complex issues or problems and crystallizes the message into a straightforward call to action.
  • Support the overall theme of the conference by collaborating with the organizers.
Well-Researched, On-Target

An excellent keynote speech is relevant, inspiring, pragmatic, and worth remembering. It challenges listeners to re-think conventional wisdom and approach today’s issues differently. The speaker might be a dynamic and confident orator, but none of it matters if the message misses its mark or is viewed as contrived by the audience. That’s why Rob, ever the engaging presenter, will work with you prior to the event to understand your team and/or organization or audience, get a firm grasp of the hurdles they face, review the message, and understand how to present it in a way that is engaging, useful, and serves as a catalyst for positive change.

This interaction is essential to furthering your audience’s knowledge, be it about new techniques they can use instantly, clarification of organizational or team goals, or simply how to be a more engaged employee or leader. A great headliner with a relevant, entertaining keynote style, Rob will bring clarity and strength to your message and drive your conference or gathering to better outcomes.


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Industries Using Our Services

“Rob’s style and approach fits so well with our philosophy and the way the PGA TOUR wants to serve our clients and prospects. The specific tools he presented at our national meeting help us connect with our customers, bring those customers to see the value in the solutions we provide, and execute in a way that guarantees long-term relationships. Our event was stronger because of Rob’s very popular – and still talked-about – presentation!

-Matt Lane
Sr. Director of Tournament Revenue, PGA TOUR


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