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Whether inbound or outbound, achieve phone sales success through Game Face’s three decades of industry-leading phone sales training.

Phone Sales Training for Today’s Sales Teams

Good Phone Selling is Knowing How to Direct the Conversation, Not Dominate It

Increasingly, with greater insights into the sales process, the inbound buyer has more control. Today’s consumers are inclined to have done their homework about what they are looking to buy before they find who sells it. This approach is exponentially more likely the more expensive or specialized the product or service is. Chances are prospects have never heard of your company before they typed a search into a search engine. However, you can bet they think they know pretty much all that’s needed before picking up and dialing.

Cold calling represents a completely different challenge. As sophisticated scams continue to proliferate, prospects are already wary of any outreach by strangers. So how, as a stranger, do you establish trust on the phone within the first 30 seconds to engage the prospect in a productive discussion that eventually leads to a sale? There is no training company in the world that has been more successful in training sales team’s to successfully prospect via cold calling than Game Face. Game Face Cold Calling Training™ is a must-have for any team that interacts with prospects on the phone.


What do you say during the first 30 seconds of a cold call to establish trust and generate sufficient interest that the prospects wants to engage in a conversation? What could you say that would make them curious and interested in continuing the discussion?

When a potential customer reaches out to your company, they no longer want to be sold. An incoming lead is contacting you to have questions answered. They are taking the temperature of your company and making a judgment about whether they want to do business. It is definitely a potential sale, but not the time for you to totally control the flow of information or make an aggressive sales pitch. It takes skill to convert curiosity into a sale.

Your sales staff needs the savvy to tactfully and methodically get the prospect to discuss their needs and objectives and engage them in conversation. They need to accomplish this without resorting to an immediate high-pressure pitch. They are coming to you because your company is positioned as an expert. The prospect needs information and guidance, and concrete reasons why your products and services will solve their issues or help them accomplish their objectives. To do this, whoever answers the phone on your end absolutely has to be thoroughly trained to guide the prospect—then obtain the sale.


Regardless whether the prospect comes through cold calling or as a warm lead calling into your company, your organization is investing a great deal of time and money to get that lead in to your company. Whether it was through a well-designed and expertly written website, a pinpoint accurate email campaign, or targeted web advertisements, the inbound sales process isn’t cheap.

So who is initiating the call or answering the phone or responding to the email? Does your company spend as much on training your sales staff as you do generating the lead? This is the greatest weakness of many marketing strategies, and it’s where sales training from Game Face has an immediate and dramatic impact.


VitalSmarts is a 30-year-old company that specializes in corporate communications training, team building, and conflict resolution, stemming from several best-selling publications. They are dedicated to an inbound sales process that relies heavily on social media and an internet presence to generate interest in their services and bring traffic to their inbound sales teams. Game Face works directly with VitalSmarts to develop a subtle yet strong sales dialogue that  maximizes qualified leads and turns their inbound sales investment into profitable results.

“Game Face training was the best training my team has ever participated in. Since the training, our scripts, call guides and discovery questions have improved dramatically, and we are seeing better results from our interactions with prospects and clients. I really appreciated the course design and quality of the delivery—it is not your typical sales training!“

Lee McNeil
Senior Manager, Business Development, VitalSmarts


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