Engagement & Accountability

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? If you invest in a training program and no one’s using it, is it really a training program? Ensure training ROI with Game Face’s proprietary methods.

Powerful Methods to Ensure Training ROI

With decades of experience training tens of thousands of sales and service executives, Game Face knows how to work with leaders to ensure their teams access, utilize, and effectively apply our industry-leading training. Sales & Service University™ contains,

Enjoyable and Relevant Content

Content that is enjoyable, interesting, relevant, and immediately applicable engages the learner and ensures comprehension and growth.

High-Quality Production

High-quality-production content with fascinating case studies, visually-appealing models and diagrams, compelling video content, and interactive exercises, immerses the learner in every topic and makes training captivating and absorbing.

Leader & Learner Guides

Leader Guides provide a detailed outline and weekly schedule of training content to assist leaders in overseeing and guiding team members to accomplish critical learning objectives. Learner Guides provide the learner an outline and weekly schedule of training content.

These powerful resources not only enable organizations to maximize the value of their subscription, they also give management visibility into how well their investment is producing a return. Now, through an easy-to-use, turnkey training plan and schedule, reps’ progress or lack thereof can be tracked to ensure accountability, training comprehension, and continual skill application.

Assignments & Knowledge Assessments

Assignments are interactive exercises that apply the principles and skills to the learner’s immediate job and situation. These exercises result in the development of personalized sales tools that can be immediately implemented to accelerate revenue and enhance the customer experience.

Knowledge Assessments measure comprehension of the content. Then, as Game Face reviews the assessments, we and the sales leader can provide direct feedback and/or personalized coaching of any team member.

Participation Metrics

Participation Metrics provide Game Face visibility into training progress by individuals and teams. For Customized University subscribers, clients and Game Face have admin access to the full suite of Participation Metrics to monitor training progress, ensure engagement and accountability, and adjust training plans when needed.

On-Site & Live Online Follow-Up Coaching Sessions

Game Face’s in demand and dedicated on-site and live coaching sessions enable a deeper dive into training topics personalized to a specific sales or service team. Sales training powerfully combines with product training to address specific business, economic, regulatory, product/service line, customer, and prospect situations to overcome current challenges and capitalize on immediate opportunities.


The Sales & Service University™ provides a comprehensive, ready-made, full turn-key Sales and Service Certification Program for your sales professionals, service professionals, sales managers, and sales leaders.

Game Face’s industry-acclaimed program motivates your team by providing a mechanism for skill development and career advancement, while accelerating productivity and enhancing sales and service performance at all levels of your organization.

“Game Face training has been vitally important to my skill development and confidence in sales. The content is fantastic as well as engaging. The training methodology goes through 7 modules of the sales cycle covering details such as word choice and phrase mechanics for effective scripts that are natural. A senior rep once told me, ‘You don’t even realize what you just sat through. I’ve been in a lot of sales trainings, but that was gold!’ This training will enhance the skills and abilities of any sales rep by quantum leaps.”

Hunter Goodall
Mergers and Acquisitions Associate, Property Management, Inc.


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