Course #2: Certification of Expert Sales Leadership

Online course version coming soon! The most powerful sales leadership development program in the entire sales industry. Revolutionary training to empower and enable your sales leadership to achieve their highest potential.

LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATION COURSE | Course #2: Certification of Expert Sales Leadership

The world’s top curated leadership principles and ideas for any executive overseeing customer acquisition & retention and revenue generation for a diverse organization. Specific to sales and service teams, this course provides guidance on how to reinforce the Sales Game Changer System™ at all levels to drive ownership and accountability, culture and performance. Upon successful completion of this course each sales leader will receive a certificate validating their expertise in sales leadership.

Course Duration: 2 days for In-Person program


The most powerful sales leadership development program in the entire sales industry.


This course is a companion to Course #1 – Certification of Expert Sales Management. Whereas the focus of the first course was on developing your sales management skills, the focus of this course is on developing your sales leadership skills.


The leader establishes the mission, objectives, priorities, and goals to guide employees and provide direction. To use a sports analogy: a coach can’t make every decision for every player during every second of a game. Could you imagine a soccer coach trying to yell at 11 players and provide 11 individual sets of instructions every second of a 90-minute match? A sales leader does not have the capacity to make every decision for each team member, and yet all these decisions and actions have to be aligned with a common purpose and a common set of objectives to achieve the goal. That is the purpose of leadership.

“The country is full of companies that offer sales training, but we selected Game Face because they understand the unique challenges associated with selling, and the training is aligned with our consultative approach. They bring solutions to real world challenges and relate beautifully to our sales team.”

-John Knebel
Former Executive President, Corporate Partnerships & Premium Seating, Arizona Coyotes Hockey Club


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