Ways to Access Training

Versatile delivery options that enable Game Face to configure and implement a sales and service training program and sales training courses (Game Face Game Plan™) that achieve record-breaking results for your team.


The standard by which all in-person industry trainings are now judged! Whether in large or small groups or keynotes, Game Face’s immersive workshops produce complete participation, immediately actionable skill development, and memorable events that excite and motivate attendees to persistently pursue professional development.


Live online training when you need interactive workshops and discussions that balance the “richness/reach” equation. These easy-to-organize events keep your diverse (office-based, remote, or hybrid) team connected, engaged, and extremely productive while meeting their expectations of continuing education.


Interactive on demand training accessed whenever, wherever, and how often you need it. Forty plus comprehensive sales and service modules covering the complete set of sales and service skills, support tools, leadership trainings, and specialized topics relevant for today’s rapidly changing sales and service environment.

Game Face Game Plan™ Customized Training Program

Working with organizations since the 90s, through 9/11, the Great Recession, the pandemic, changing political and economic swings, and everything in-between, Game Face has learned that every organization is unique. That’s why each of our Game Face Game Plans™ are customized to fit the distinctive operational structure, delivery methods, and timeline of our clients. Here are just a few of the factors we consider:

Sales Operation

Delivery Methods


“I have utilized Rob’s extensive background in sales and client management both personally early on in my career, and then later on as a business owner with a dedicated sales force. Rob is engaging and insightful and our time together is fruitful. Those that he trains and develops are better off and will gain from decades of his leadership in the space. If you’re undecided on the long term ROI with Game Face, simply take their call and chances are you’ll quickly see his value and potential to help move your team faster, in the right direction.”

Brian Lesser
Owner, CIT Electronics


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