Sales Coaching

A sales coaching session with Game Face isn’t a motivational speech, it’s an ongoing, strategic relationship of mentoring, planning, and problem-solving.

Sales Coaching

Game Face Sales Coaching guides your team to effectively translate principles and skills into targeted sales actions involving current prospects that achieve superior sales results. Game Face provides strategic guidance enabling sales professionals to learn quickly from mistakes instead of resorting to wasteful trial and error. Our coaching involves examining the sales process, assessing the sales plan, evaluating the sales approach, and dissecting the sales call to identify an optimal approach that will lead to better outcomes.

Benefits of Game Face Sales Coaching

Close Strategically Important Deals

As a sales coach for tens of thousands, we understand what it takes to achieve and maintain a successful sales career. Our coaching is particularly valuable for sales leaders and sales professionals involved in high-value, high-stakes, strategically-important deals. Game Face provides the competitive advantage that will put your team on top!

Relieve Burden on Sales Managers

Sales leaders are tasked with mentoring, training, and coaching their teams, especially new sales reps. However, with their own numbers to hit, customer demands, executive action items, organizational initiatives, and management tasks, many sales leaders simply don’t have the time to examine their reps’ prospects or help them prepare for an important sales call. Game Face provides you with a tailored solution that works with you – and for your staff.

Tailored to Your Business

A lot of sales concepts can be applied to any situation, for any business, in any industry. But your business and your sales staff are unique. Some aspects of medical equipment sales, for example, will not apply to someone selling a human resource director on the merits of their corporate events center. Game Face will make sure your organization’s unique strengths and competitive advantage are cultivated and represented by your sales staff in every deal.

“I have utilized Rob’s extensive background in sales and client management both early in my career and then later as a business owner with a dedicated sales force. Rob is engaging and insightful and our time together is fruitful. Those he trains and develops are better off and will gain from his decades of leadership in the space.”

-Brian Lesser
Owner, CIT Electronics


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