Manufacturing Sales Training

Game Face Manufacturing Sales Training takes manufacturing or industrial sales forces that may be diverse in geography, competency and experience, and impressively unifies their approach for remarkable results.

The Industry Leader in Manufacturing Sales Training

Don’t mind the competitive landscape; your professionally trained sales department should be your competitive edge. Whether your manufacturing business is an OEM or a dealer, an industry leader or a company looking to carve out a market niche, whether you produce laser manufactured spacecraft components or contract manufacture nutritional supplements, Game Face can provide relevant sales training that will allow your sales representatives and account managers to:

  • Create and define a clear sales strategy
  • Learn to target key decision-makers
  • Bring sales pitches to the right people
  • Identify the ideal customer
  • Expand your exposure to current accounts
  • Improve listening and qualifying skills
  • Revisit previous clients
  • Cultivate referrals
  • Use social media to expand your culture and your message

Even if your company has been in business since the Lincoln administration, your company will benefit from the fresh perspective Game Face will bring. Game Face will train your team how to bring products and services to new markets, breathe new life into your sales staff, and propel growth across the board.


Is your product the most expensive on the market? We can help your salespeople justify it. Are you a startup looking for first adopters? We can help your sales team crack into the market with strategic new partners. Has your competition “invented a better mousetrap”? Game Face messaging can help stem the difference and demonstrate value.

Regardless of what you manufacture, how much of it you make, or who you sell it to, customized sales training will give you the leverage you need to get an edge in a competitive market.


When a company has been in business for more than a century, it would be easy for traditional sales methods and outdated ways of thinking to permeate their sales force. ESCO Corporation, a Weir Group Division, is an industry-leading manufacturer of heavy industrial products used in mining, oil and gas, construction, and dredging, with operations in 25 countries. For nearly a decade ESCO has tapped Game Face to train their North American dealer network consisting of dozens of companies and hundreds of veteran and young salespeople. Game Face assists in more than just cultivating new leads and relationships, we train a diverse network—sometimes with competing interests—in how to represent the storied ESCO brand through preeminent sales techniques matched only by ESCO’s renowned equipment.

Whether Game Face has been called on to train the largest dental equipment manufacturing company in the world (A-dec), or a small, family-owned business specializing in wood panels and shutters (Woodfold Industries), or a saw chain manufacturer (Blount International), we don’t pretend to know your business better than you do – but we do know how to couple your expertise and industry knowledge with our cutting edge sales techniques to substantially raise your revenues and sales productivity.

“I have worked with Rob on two boards. Possessing a large tool box of skills, he consistently demonstrates uncommon tenacity, inspired leadership and competitive excellence. His integrity is unquestionable, and Rob has an aptitude to produce significant improvements wherever he is.”

Jake R. Nichol
Retired President/CEO, Letherman Tool Group; Former President, Stanley Proto Industrial Tools; Former President, Danaher Tool Group PTD


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