Course #1: What is Sales?

The true definition of sales. The first course for any salesperson training program.

SALES COURSES | Course #1: What is Sales?

Before we can master this critical function of any organization, we have to honestly ask, “What is Sales?” This course is the first foundational pillar of any salesperson training program and will once and for all change every person’s view of sales as they come to understand and appreciate its positive role in the success of any career, business, economy, or society.

Course Duration: 1 hour


This course will provide the true definition of sales, reveal why sales is viewed negatively by some, and why the function of sales is so critical for success personally and professionally. If you are in the world, you are selling. Very little happens in our world until someone sells something.


Selling when done right is a noble profession. Ineffective sales practices and insecurity in a sales career come from a lack of understanding of what sales fundamentally is and why it is so important. We are not shy in declaring that this course begins a journey that will change your life. Going forward, you will never view sales and every interpersonal interaction in life the same way.


You will leave this course with a correct knowledge of sales, more joy in your current sales role, and relentless optimism. When you better understand how to create value through selling and the positive impact it can have on others, you will more confidently approach any life situation, personal or professional.

“There’s no debate. Game Face is the best. Period! The Cardinals brand is too important for us to take a chance on techniques that we can’t feel good about. We have to be properly represented in our industry. We only trust Game Face to teach our people how to sell, and encourage any of our colleagues to do the same.”

-Dan Farrell
SVP, Sales & Marketing (Retd.), St. Louis Cardinals


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