Sales Training for Nonprofits

Sales isn’t just for companies—it’s for all nonprofits that want to influence the thinking and giving within their community.

Your cause motivates and inspires – and so can your people through Game Face Sales Training for Nonprofits

If you advocate for a cause or nonprofit organization, you are in sales. But you’re not alone. Anyone who educates, influences, or inspires is in sales. If you have ever given a presentation, interviewed for a job, or parented a child, you have performed a sales function.

As an executive or board member for a nonprofit organization, you are selling everyday. You have to sell your organizational vision to stakeholders, you have to sell your needs to volunteers, and you have to sell your mission to donors and potential sponsors.

Technique Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

As a stakeholder in a nonprofit organization, honing your sales skills will aid you in gaining the support and resources your organization needs. This includes establishing credibility, fundraising, donations, growth in membership, awareness, volunteer recruitment, education, recognition, reputational enhancement, and serving your constituents. Game Face helps nonprofits develop these vital selling skills.

For example, we can show you how to communicate the value a donor or sponsor will gain by affiliating themselves with your organization. At the least, they will be seen as an individual or company that cares about the community and gives back. But even greater outcomes await them as a result of affiliating with your cause. What are they, how should they be communicated, and how will they inspire even greater giving and support?

Embrace Your Sales Role

What you sell is always worth buying. Whether you build homes for the homeless, raise money for cancer research, help stray dogs and cats find forever homes, transport the elderly to medical appointments, or serve as a spiritual or educational institution, you are fighting for a cause, making lives better. You are adding something to the world. If you can combine this passion and dedication with a proper sales mentality, you will open more opportunities for your organization and those you serve.


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“Our 22,000 member-organization was blessed to have Rob Cornilles serve on our board for many years – the last two as volunteer board chair. His keen insight into the needs of the NGO community are matched by passion, wit, leadership and vision. Rob is a great citizen, business and community leader, and a fantastic resource and professional to help any nonprofit achieve its revenue, membership and mission’s goals!“

Matthew Devore
CEO, Boy Scouts of America, Cascade Pacific Council


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