Course #3: Certification of Expert Customer Care

Obtain your customer care certification through a course every customer-facing employee should take regardless of title or role.

The customer is irate, volume is rising, and tension is increasing. You have reached a make-or-break service moment that will determine whether a customer relationship is saved or whether a customer is lost in an epic tirade of complaints. In this seemingly impossible situation, how can you not only de-escalate the situation, but also Turn Complaints into Compliments™? The answer is Game Face’s proven LEAAD Rule for Service™ based on decades of research and experience in thousands of similar make-or-break service moments.

CUSTOMER SERVICE CERTIFICATION COURSE | Course #3: Certification of Expert Customer Care

With Game Face’s powerful and acclaimed LEAAD Rule for Service™, reps will enjoy turning any customer complaint into a customer compliment because of the professional and decisive way they solved the problem. Upon successful completion of this course each service professional will receive a certificate validating their expertise in customer care.

Course Duration: 45 mins


Learn how to turn problems into praise, aggravation into appreciation, and complaints into compliments through a proven complaint management model.


Effectively managing complaints can be the difference between retaining and losing a client, and achieving or missing revenue targets. Arm your service team with the skills and tools they need to expertly manage complaints and strengthen your client relationships.


Your service team will learn a new model for effectively managing complaints that results in rapid resolution and long-term client retention. In addition, your team will learn how to solve the Top 10 most common customer service complaints.

“Working with Rob and his team has been an eye-opening and game changing experience. Rob’s ability to take his incredible wealth of knowledge and apply it to your team is second to none. I find myself constantly going back over my notes to better, not only myself, but how I teach my team. Within 48 hours of wrapping up our sessions, one of my reps was able to apply the principles learned and saved a major account.”

Sean Walsh
Senior Director Client Services, Boston Red Sox


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