Course #2: Certification of Expertise in Sales Principles

The best sales training is based upon universal principles that don’t change.

SALES CERTIFICATION COURSE | Course #2: Certification of Expertise in Sales Principles

Sales techniques that lack principle are just tricks. This in-depth course teaches the learner a refreshing yet timeless approach to customer and interpersonal relationships based on universal principles which form the foundation of the Sales Game Changer System™. Upon successful completion of this course each sales professional will receive a certificate validating their expertise in sales principles.

Course Duration: 2.5 hours

Recommended Schedule:

  • Session 1: Principle #1 and Principle #2 (1.5 hours)
  • Session 2: Principle #3 (1 hour)


The foundational principles required for any human to influence another to take positive action. This course reveals the three universal principles of selling: Results-Centered Selling, To Be Successful Act Successful, and Create Urgency. In addition to outlining each principle and providing practical applications, the course also guides the participant in the development of a personalized, job-specific customer assessment tool.


These principles have been the foundation of effective selling for millennia. Principles are timeless. At 90+ years old, Warren Buffett is still considered the greatest investor on the planet despite massive, ongoing technological and cultural changes. Why? Because he has followed the same core investing principles for nearly eight decades.


Sales professionals will immediately understand how to adjust their approach and achieve success regardless of sales position, business model, customer group, product/service type, industry, geographic location, or period in world history.

“From the beginning of my career, Game Face was key in laying the foundation for success. Rob’s sales process gives executives the necessary tools and confidence to start a career several steps ahead of others. I’m a big believer in process-based selling. There isn’t a better example of that than at Game Face.”

Jake Reid
President & CEO, Sporting Kansas City, Major League Soccer


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