Sales leaders often ask, “Which company has the best sales training programs?” We’ll let these kind words from amazing partners speak for themselves…

“Working with Rob and his team has been an eye-opening and game changing experience. Rob’s ability to take his incredible wealth of knowledge and apply it to your team is second to none. I find myself constantly going back over my notes to better, not only myself, but how I teach my team. Within 48 hours of wrapping up our sessions, one of my reps was able to apply the principles learned and saved a major account.”

Sean Walsh
Senior Director Client Services, Boston Red Sox

“Rob Cornilles is a remarkable person, leader and contributor! His track record of delivering quality results inspires confidence, and how he goes about achieving those results inspires trust. I greatly admire and value Rob and his insights.”

Stephen M.R. Covey
The New York Times & #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Speed of Trust, and co-author of Smart Trust

“A Rob has, over the years, developed his transformative approach to leadership, I have observed and learned from him steady kindness, insightful wisdom, enlivening humor, and trustworthy guidance. Upon receiving his transformative leadership training, executives immediately become leaders that others want to follow.”

Taylor Halverson
PH.D., Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University; Author and Lecturer

“Rob’s style and approach fits so well with our philosophy and the way the PGA TOUR wants to serve our clients and prospects. The specific tools he presented at our national meeting help us connect with our customers, bring those customers to see the value in the solutions we provide, and execute in a way that guarantees long-term relationships. Our event was stronger because of Rob’s very popular – and still talked-about – presentation!”

Matt Lane
Sr. Director of Tournament Revenue, PGA TOUR

“The Sales Game Changer reminds everyone how inspiring and admirable it is to be a salesperson.”

J.D. Jeppson
Chief Revenue Officer, ObservePoint

“I have valued and benefitted from a relationship with Rob for over two decades. He and the Game Face team and their approach to sales have been the foundation for how the Jags teach, train and measure our staff.”

Chris Gargani
Vice President of Sales and Service, Jacksonville Jaguars

“I have worked with Rob on two boards. Possessing a large tool box of skills, he consistently demonstrates uncommon tenacity, inspired leadership and competitive excellence. His integrity is unquestionable, and Rob has an aptitude to produce significant improvements wherever he is.”

Jake R. Nichol
Retired President/CEO, Letherman Tool Group; Former President, Stanley Proto Industrial Tools; Former President, Danaher Tool Group PTD

“At the Cardinals we insist that our entry-level salespeople be taught the right way – the Cardinals Way – from Day One. For nearly two decades Game Face has been our go-to source for sales best practices and principles. Hundreds of our employees – even our seasoned vets – have benefited from Game Face’s training, and hundreds more will!”

Joe Strohm
Vice President of Ticket Sales, St. Louis Cardinals

“When our sales team needed a scientific refresh to our approach, we added Rob and Game Face to the mix. The team loves it! Rob gets us outside our comfort zone and helps us learn. The program has become so popular, other Maritz business units are now contracting with Game Face. True pros and fun to work with…and it works!”

Dave Beaulieu
Former CCO, EVP Global Healthcare, Maritz

“Rob Cornilles is the true pioneer of sports sales training. ALSD, which produces some of the preeminent annual conferences and tradeshows with vast education, is proud to continue to use Rob and his firm to present, moderate, and facilitate workshops and training sessions each year. His level of expertise and adaptability to the ever-changing sports sales and hospitality marketplace makes him one of our most popular speakers and is another reason we rely on Rob and Game Face.”

Amanda Verhoff
President, Association of Luxury Suite Directors

“I have enlisted Rob to train and work with multiple staff in different markets and sports over many years, and he has always provided the most applicable training to what our industry is doing day-to-day. He is professional, efficient, and takes great care to focus on the priorities of our management team. Without fail, his training complements and reinforces our messaging.”

Jim Willits
Vice President, Sales and Service, Chicago White Sox

“I am where I am today because of Rob and Game Face. The training was the most impactful of my career. The foundational skills of communication, sales, leadership and negotiation were all taught and exactly what I needed to launch two businesses. Our successes have been possible because of what we learned from Rob and his team.”

Josh Leder
Founder & CEO, SoundPain Alliance; Owner, Sports Clips

“When it comes to sales training, many claim they are the best. But Rob Cornilles and the team at Game Face are hands down better than any sales trainers I’ve experienced. Fifteen years later I continue to use Game Face training every day. Expect immediate results after using their services!”

Ted Yeschin
Vice President of Talent Marketing, Wasserman

“From the beginning of my sports career, Game Face was key in laying the foundation for success. Rob’s sales process gives executives the necessary tools and confidence to start a career several steps ahead of others. I’m a big believer in process-based selling. There isn’t a better example of that than at Game Face.”

Jake Reid
President & CEO, Sporting Kansas City, Major League Soccer

“Working with Rob and Game Face has been very beneficial to our firm. We implement the Game Face sales principles on a weekly if not daily basis. It has been wonderful getting a stronger foundation in sales and marketing from someone who cares as much about the success of our clientele as we do!”

Kelly Swan
Owner & Principal Architect, Kelly Swan Architecture

“I was a bit apprehensive when we first began partnering with Game Face because I wasn’t sure how it was going to impact our well-established process. But Rob, who visits us regularly, has been so incredibly helpful in enhancing our training infrastructure – specifically our sales training. He brought something new and fresh to the table that we hadn’t had before. He trains everyone from our new hires to our management team and there’s always something new to learn each time he visits. I’ve really been able to lean on him as a consultant to our business and he’s become more of an Abstrakt team/family member than a service provider. I’m always excited to see what he’s going to bring to us next!”

Jessica Rentel
Director of Partner Sales, Abstrakt Marketing Group

“Rob is the most sincere individual I’ve ever met. As a trainer of outside sales, Rob has introduced me to resources and ideas I never would’ve discovered on my own. He is also an excellent listener and teacher who never shies away from accurately and honestly addressing my concerns. Most importantly, however, as my sales coach, Rob is a friend whose advice I trust.”

Kerby Louis
Entrepreneur and Inventor

“Hiring Game Face to give me sales leadership coaching has been a game changer for our corporate office and the 37 clinics I manage over three states. We are on a record pace for growth in new business. The ROI has been obvious, as Rob and his team’s training has enabled our company to produce bigger results while seeing tremendous improvements among our sales team. Listening to Game Face helped me move up faster within the organization. They’re more than consultants or trainers – they’re friends who’ve been where I am and truly understand the challenges sales leaders face.”

JB Spilker
Public Relations Director, Mountain Land Rehabilitation

“Feld Entertainment enjoys Rob and his team’s proven process for winning corporate partnerships. We appreciate the discipline and tracking modules they share.”

Jason Bitsoff
Former Senior Vice President – Global Partnerships, Feld Entertainment

“I have utilized Rob’s extensive background in sales and client management both personally early on in my career, and then later on as a business owner with a dedicated sales force. Rob is engaging and insightful and our time together is fruitful. Those that he trains and develops are better off and will gain from decades of his leadership in the space. If you’re undecided on the long term ROI with Game Face, simply take their call and chances are you’ll quickly see his value and potential to help move your team faster, in the right direction.”

Brian Lesser
Owner, CIT Electronics

“There’s no debate. Game Face is the best. Period! The Cardinals brand is too important for us to take a chance on techniques that we can’t feel good about. We have to be properly represented in our industry. We only trust Game Face to teach our people how to sell, and encourage any of our colleagues in sport to do the same.”

Dan Farrell
SVP, Sales & Marketing (Retd.), St. Louis Cardinals

“We provide estate-saving asset protection for some of the most influential professionals in the medical field. It’s imperative that we know how to build trust and confidence with these clients. That’s why we use Game Face training. Rob and his team have been able to adeptly learn our business, expertly layer their principles and methods on top of our own, and create a synergy that our experienced and less-experienced team members respond very well to. Game Face isn’t a vendor, they’re a partner we use regularly to ensure continued success of our firm.”

Matthew McNeff
Partner & Executive Director, LegallyMine

“When Rob has spoken to our Executive MBA students, he has knocked it out of the park. His content is timely, relevant, and valuable. His delivery is clear, concise, and engaging. Our program will continue to use him.”

Dr. Grant McQueen
Former Director, Brigham Young University MBA, Marriott School of Business

“Game Face training has been vitally important to my skill development and confidence in sales. The content is fantastic as well as engaging. The training methodology goes through 7 modules of the sales cycle covering details such as word choice and phrase mechanics for effective scripts that are natural. A senior rep once told me, ‘You don’t even realize what you just sat through. I’ve been in a lot of sales trainings, but that was gold!’ This training will enhance the skills and abilities of any sales rep by quantum leaps.”

Hunter Goodall
Mergers and Acquisitions Associate, Property Management, Inc

“Game Face’s training of our entire staff was an outstanding kick start to our renewal season and new sales campaign. We are much more conscious of the words we use, having much more useful and valuable conversations with our customers.”

Billy Friess
Sr. Director of Sales, Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

“I graduated from the Game Face Sales Academy several years ago, and have always valued that experience and use the lessons learned there to this day. I am a more confident, resourceful and professional salesperson because of Game Face.”

Jennifer Corcoran
Licensed Agent, CORE Real Estate

“I use Rob’s guidance every day and my performance is better for it!”

Megan Six
Partner Sales Representative, Abstrakt Marketing Group

“Game Face is always at the top of our list. Love your training, and a personal favorite…You’re our first recommendation to other organizations.”

Dan Newhart
Former Director of Ticket Sales and Service, Tampa Bay Rays
Vice President Ticket Sales, Fiesta Bowl

“The material that was presented was completely relevant to my position. I have been able to apply some key concepts and can already see a difference in the receptiveness of potential clients. I have been able to take the ‘sales’ feeling out of my calls and replace it with an informational tone. It is amazing what people are willing to divulge when they feel like you are there for them and not vice versa.”

Elisheia Whipkey
University of Phoenix

“Everything about this training was absolutely top-notch. I’ve already implemented some of the precepts learned in our call center. Thank you for the two days of treasures! The Game Face training was innovative and extremely applicable… I highly recommend it!”

David J. Smith
BYU Philanthropies

“The session was by far one of the best I have attended in my nine years in this industry. The way they delivered the presentation was excellent!… It was very hard to lose interest even with the long day. Excellent overall and I highly recommend this training to any industry.”

Steve Sawyer
C.N. Wood Co Inc.

“Every CSR should have to take this.”

Kevin Atamanchuk

“Simply exceptional.”

Darren Bennett
Sawtooth Supply

“Very informative. I did not realize how much I needed this training. Thank you so much.”

Josh French
Jones River Equipment

“The training was highly effective. I’ve already seen results in terms of sales from the material learned. I would recommend the training for anyone who wants a sales crash course.”

German Vivas
Enterprise Relationship Manager, LinkedIn

“I was not sure exactly what to expect with this training but I learned far more than any other sales training courses I have attended.”

Paul Reid
National Account Manager, FoodService Chains


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