Winning Sales Team

Establish your legacy of winning using sales skills rooted in Game Face corporate sales training.


A highly-skilled group of sales professionals that can…

  • Adapt to any sales situation regardless of sales type or industry.
  • Aggressively prospect because they have the confidence that comes from being trained to successfully engage potential clients in person, on the phone, via email, or social media.
  • Maximize the potential of every prospect or customer interaction which accelerates the sales cycle and increases the opportunity closed-won rate.

Winning Game Face Tools

Sales & Service University

Built for modern sales teams, a subscription to the Sales & Service University™ provides flexible access to the full suite of Game Face corporate sales training and sales process support tools. The subscription is a cost-effective way to quickly deploy a full turn-key sales and service training program for your organization that can be customized for each individual or team. Access via Sales and Service University™ or have Game Face set up your own customized version of the full University, featuring your logo & branding and specific subjects/ modules requested by your team.

Sales Skills Assessment

The Game Face Sales Skills Assessment™ is the authoritative sales skills assessment instrument for the sales profession. Based on nearly three decades of research and experience working with tens of thousands of sales & service professionals and in conjunction with award-winning academics, this scientifically-validated instrument empirically measures real world skills that correlate with long-term prospect and customer engagement. Every subscription to the Sales & Service University™ includes a complimentary pre- and post-assessment for each team member using the The Game Face Sales Skills Assessment™.

Sales Coaching & Training

Whether your team consists of sales reps, account managers, account executives, territory managers, business development reps, inside sales reps, and/or outside sales reps, Game Face can free up sales leader time and accelerate team sales performance through expert and complementary sales coaching in a group setting, 1:1, on site in person, or live online utilizing a consultative approach that addresses immediate challenges and delivers instant results. At Game Face we serve sales leaders by supplementing their work, never replacing it.

Custom Training Topics

Game Face works closely with sales leadership to understand the organization’s priorities and objectives. Game Face then translates those priorities and objectives into a customized training program (Game Face Game Plan™) leveraging the Sales Game Changer System™ as well as custom training topics or modules as needed. When custom training topics and modules are identified, Game Face can rapidly script, produce, and deploy the training via all the channels needed by the client (on-demand, virtual, on-site).

“From the beginning of my career, Game Face was key in laying the foundation for success. Rob’s sales process gives executives the necessary tools and confidence to start a career several steps ahead of others. I’m a big believer in process-based selling. There isn’t a better example of that than at Game Face.”

Jake Reid
President & CEO, Sporting Kansas City, Major League Soccer


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