Professional Services Sales Training

Professional sales training for wealth management advisors, accountants, lawyers, life insurance agents, dentists, and any other professional services provider. Lead masterful sales conversations without having a background in sales.

Standing Out in Your Market Through Professional Sales Training

Prove Your Solutions are the Best in the Business

You didn’t enter your field—be it wealth management, law, insurance, accounting, engineering, or consulting—to sell. Indeed, lead generation, marketing, and sales may be viewed as irritating diversions that keep you from doing what you do best. Very likely, your degree or certification program did not include courses in wealth management sales training, insurance sale training, life insurance training, HVAC sales training, and auto dealer training, engineering sales training or consulting sales training. But, as you’ve undoubtedly discovered, to grow your business you have to advocate for it. Your firm’s name and services must always be front and center as would-be clients consider local options. And since nothing really happens in business until someone sells something, you have concluded that sales—which includes client acquisition and retention—is imperative, though sometimes daunting.

And so it rests on your shoulders. Not that you have to do it all yourself, but as a leader you must lead. This is where Game Face comes in. We have a reputation for taking non-traditional sales offices such as your practice and providing practical, user- and client-friendly communication skills that lead to new business. But my people don’t like to sell, you might say. No worries. Few people do—until they learn the true nature of selling done right. Or, in other words, the Game Face way.


A clear definition of what your firm does better than anyone else is step one in developing new business. We’re not talking about a slogan or tagline. And it has to be more than “provide excellent customer service” or “a family-owned business since 19XX.” Game Face takes our clients’ distinct differentiators and turns them into a result the market is looking for.

Game Face-trained accountants, for instance, don’t just file taxes, they simplify and save their clients valuable time by reducing the complexities of preparing returns. Our trained wealth managers don’t just buy and sell stocks, they remove the stress a job change or pending retirement can bring and give their clients greater financial dexterity. Game Face-trained attorney’s don’t just prepare legal documents for their clients, they provide those trusting clients with peace of mind, knowing any business transaction is protecting their financial interests now and long after they’re gone.

Whatever the nature of your professional service, Game Face will help you define what you do and how to articulate it on the phone, in a meeting, or at a networking event better than any provider in your community. We are your sales coach.


Credibility is your greatest asset. You’ve taken years to build it; now we are here to help you leverage it for additional business.

Sure, there are thousands of accountants, lawyers, engineers, IT professionals, designers, all drawing from the same pool of prospects as you. But your clients aren’t necessarily buying a service. They’re buying you! And your team, your expertise, your specialization, your reputation. Though they don’t want to be “sold,” buyers do like to buy from those they trust. Game Face teaches professional offices how to earn and keep that trust through every interaction—whether through social media posts, emails, phone calls or visits to your office. From the receptionist to the managing partner, we can unify your message and give simple but impactful skills to land more business.


Your business sells something that can’t readily be seen or demonstrated. And, often, the person doing the selling is the one who will be providing the service. This is a delicate balance, and Game Face will show your team how to work unitedly in identifying, cultivating, and securing a new client.

As soon as the client agrees to hire your firm, know that they are already benefiting. They may not have paid a dime, and you might not have billed for a single hour, but at that moment, your company has solved a problem. The client feels that by hiring you, the issue is solved. As they walk out your door, they realize, “I have someone now to help me through this.” This sense of security, assurance, and certainty is one of the greatest results you sell. Game Face teaches our clients how to sell the results before the results.

“We provide estate-saving asset protection for some of the most influential professionals in the medical field. It’s imperative that we know how to build trust and confidence with these clients. That’s why we use Game Face training. Rob and his team have been able to adeptly learn our business, expertly layer their principles and methods on top of our own, and create a synergy that our experienced and less-experienced team members respond very well to. Game Face isn’t a vendor, they’re a partner we use regularly to ensure continued success of our firm.”

Matthew McNeff
Partner & Executive Director, LegallyMine


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