Course #1: What is Service?

The first of Game Face’s industry-leading customer care courses. The true meaning of customer service in a customer-first world.

Course #1: What is Service?

Without customers there is no customer service. So if service professionals understand their complementary role with the sales function, they can more skillfully facilitate the “second sale”. Here we lay out the critical contributions of service in any organization as the first course in Game Face’s comprehensive program of customer care courses.

Course Duration: 20 mins


This course will provide the true definition of service and reveal why and how the service function is so critical for customer retention and long-term business success.


Service professionals need to understand what world-class customer service means and how to deliver it. This course discusses the relationship between service and sales, and how they work together to secure repeat customers.


A correct understanding of service and how to more effectively approach a service role to deliver a world-class customer experience.

“Working with Rob and his team has been an eye-opening and game changing experience. Rob’s ability to take his incredible wealth of knowledge and apply it to your team is second to none. I find myself constantly going back over my notes to better, not only myself, but how I teach my team. Within 48 hours of wrapping up our sessions, one of my reps was able to apply the principles learned and saved a major account.”

Sean Walsh
Senior Director Client Services, Boston Red Sox


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