Course #2: Certification of Expertise in Customer Service Skills

The definitive customer service certification. Principles of interpersonal communication coupled with skills of customer engagement to surpass all expectations.

CUSTOMER SERVICE CERTIFICATION COURSE | Course #2: Certification of Expertise in Customer Service Skills

Your product or service may be top shelf. But the #1 reason customers don’t return is because they perceive being mistreated. So how do you reasonably and consistently exceed customer expectations? That is the focus of this Certification course which contains the comprehensive set of customer service skills required for long-term customer retention. Upon successful completion of this course each service professional will receive a certificate validating their expertise in customer service skills.

Course Duration: 5.5 hours

Recommended Schedule:

  • Session 1: Principle #1 (45 mins)
  • Session 2: Principle #2 & Principle #3 (40 mins)
  • Session 3: Skill 1 (Part 1) through Lesson 18 – “Components of an Effective Benefit Statement” (40 mins)
  • Session 4: Skill 1 (Part 2) Lesson 19 through Knowledge Assessment (50 mins)
  • Session 5: Skill 2 (45 mins)
  • Session 6: Skill 3 (30 mins)
  • Session 7: Skill 4 (50 mins)
  • Session 8: Skill 5 (30 mins)


The foundational principles and skills required for effective service interactions. This course reveals the Three Universal Principles of Service™ along with the 5 Skills of Successful Service™. The course also guides participants in the creation of personalized service tools to effectively solve their current organization’s top complaints.


These principles and skills have been the basis of effective service for millennia. Techniques without principles are just gimmicks. Principles without application are just theories. For nearly three decades these principle-based skills have proven to be the most effective and most applicable approach to produce world-class customer experiences and client retention in any industry.


Within 20 minutes you will begin seeing better and more confident performances from your team. Game Face methods enable the immediate application and integration of the training into every customer interaction Day 1.

“Working with Rob and his team has been an eye-opening and game changing experience. Rob’s ability to take his incredible wealth of knowledge and apply it to your team is second to none. I find myself constantly going back over my notes to better, not only myself, but how I teach my team. Within 48 hours of wrapping up our sessions, one of my reps was able to apply the principles learned and saved a major account.”

Sean Walsh
Senior Director Client Services, Boston Red Sox


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