The Sales Game Changer Masterclass

What are the best sales courses online for individuals seeking to start or accelerate their sales career? There is only one you’ll need: The Sales Game Changer Masterclass. Learn to sell right the first time!

The Sales Game Changer Masterclass

Utilizing the proven Sales Game Changer System™, the 3 Key Principles and 7 Core Skills in this Masterclass will FUNDAMENTALLY change the way you approach selling. Whether you are an independent sales professional or the only member of your company’s sales team, this Masterclass will provide a full year of access to game-changing sales training you can access anytime and from anywhere.

Cost: $997

Course Duration: 10 hours


The Three Principles are the foundation of Game Face’s entire Sales Game Changer System™. Since techniques without principles are just tricks, we will teach you a refreshing new approach to customer relationships.

There are 7 core Skills all sales professionals must master. These important skills cover the sales cycle from prospecting to closing the deal to gaining repeat business.


For nearly three decades, our proven sales training has turned underdogs into champions and rookies into industry leaders. When you follow our principle-based selling system, you will gain clarity and confidence in your sales job like never before. Sales becomes easier and a lot more fun. You’ll help your clients through the sales process instead of fighting to close a deal. When you do that, you will hit your goals with greater consistency, achieve more recognition internally, earn a higher income, and know what it’s like to truly be a salesperson people love.

Take your career to the next level!


  • Approach ANY prospect with breakthrough confidence
  • Move Your Customers to a Faster “Yes”
  • Turn Customer Pushback into Your Sales Advantage
  • Harness the Power of Urgency to Shorten the Sales Cycle
  • Bust Through the 3 Biggest Mistakes in Closing Sales
  • Avoid Handing the Customer a License to Say No
  • Appeal to ALL Kinds of Customers in Any Market

Sales Game Changer System™

Since its inception nearly three decades ago, the Sales Game Changer System™ has revolutionized the sales industry.

This groundbreaking methodology not only transforms the way a sales professional performs the sales function, it instills them with career-changing confidence and dramatically alters their understanding of the value of sales in all human interactions.


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