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Ticket sales are the trunk of every team’s revenue tree. For three decades game face has partnered with organizations to sell out facilities with the industry’s #1 ticket sales training.

The #1 Sports Sales Training Company for Nearly Three Decades with the #1 Ticket Sales Training Program

Game Face Founder Rob Cornilles got his start in sports sales in the early 1990s by selling season tickets for the Los Angeles Clippers, a brand once labeled the worst franchise in sports history by Sports Illustrated. The Clippers of that era fielded an injury-prone, last-place team in a cavernous old arena. While the crosstown LA Lakers were holding victory parades every June, the Clippers were trying to put a happy face on another draft party in South Central. No level of enthusiasm could overcome the dismal product Rob and his colleagues were asked to sell.

But overcome Rob did. It took a new way of thinking about sports ticket sales for him to sell the Clippers product and find success. He was so successful, in fact, that other sports teams eventually requested his services to improve their own season ticket sales teams.

Since its launch in 1995 Game Face has trained tens of thousands of sports sales professionals at 300+ global franchises and 80+ North American markets in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, PGA, WNBA, USTA, NCAA, and Premier League.


The product sold in sports isn’t a narrow stack of paper or digital images we call tickets. It is a way to better bond with your children at a ballgame, a way to reward great performance by an employee, a gift for friends to reconnect and socialize. Among other things, sports is selling genuine human interaction. You are selling the opportunity to achieve a higher goal, teach some life lessons, create a partnership, stand out from the competition, or, perhaps in all cases, share some quality time.

There are so many benefits to possessing season tickets, memberships, or group tickets for a business. More than witnessing a live sporting event, lives are improved and purposes attained when a ticket is obtained. Let Game Face show your team how.


As markets have evolved, sports teams now offer alternative ways to achieve desired results from games.

Mini-plans – As a substitute for a season-long commitment, Game Face trains sales teams to leverage their various packages to lure new buyers and satisfy the consumer audience. We teach salespeople that mini-plans should be a complementary choice as opposed to a crutch when season tickets appear to be too unmanageable for the buyer.

Membership programs – Members get additional perks to their season-long plans including concession discounts, free merchandise and parking, and the opportunity to upgrade seats on game day. The benefits can go beyond the regular season to offseason movie nights, autograph events, golf tournaments, and other events that can increase overall value.


After nearly three decades, three recessions, one pandemic, enormous technological change, massive changes in fan expectations, ownership changes, front office changes, expansion franchises, new stadiums, stadium renovations, winning streaks, losing streaks, high draft picks, and no draft picks, there is not much that we have not seen.

Game Face has assisted it clients to achieve phenomenal success year after year, regardless of the product on the field or court. Call us today and benefit from the same successful training that has transformed the ticket sales for hundreds of professional sports teams including the St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets, Miami Dolphins, Chicago White Sox, Portland Trailblazers, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors, San Francisco Giants, and Sporting Kansas City, to name a few.


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“I have enlisted Rob to train and work with multiple staff in different markets and sports over many years, and he has always provided the most applicable training to what our industry is doing day-to-day. He is professional, efficient, and takes great care to focus on the priorities of our management team. Without fail, his training complements and reinforces our messaging.”

-Jim Willits
Vice President, Sales and Service, Chicago White Sox


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