Customized Sales & Service University

You know your organization and people best. So select the customizable option of Sales & Service University™ and integrate your own training and support materials with our industry-leading online sales courses.

In order to develop the Sales & Service University™, Game Face specifically sought insight from over five dozen successful sales leaders representing various industries, from multi-billion dollar enterprises to small startups. That research, along with our own experience as sales consultants and trainers, informed us that, above all, sales leaders need,

  • Additional, more effective training tools to support a sales and service team in this modern, hybrid, post-pandemic era;
  • Customized training that is personalized to their industry, teams, and product lines;
  • A flexible system that can integrate all their current product training and content with industry -leading online sales courses, thereby taking their team to a higher level of performance.

Consequently, Game Face responded by introducing an industry-first, full turn-key, on-demand Sales & Service University™ that can be branded and customized to each client leveraging the renowned Sales Game Changer System™ and Game Face’s full library of leading online sales courses, training content and tools.

Find your customized version of Sales & Service University™ in the Full Access option.

Benefits of a Customized Sales & Service University

Any essential assets you currently possess—whether sales training tools, product training, or other content—can be seamlessly integrated or built into your Customized Sales & Service University. Now you and your team have one comprehensive, customized source that is easily accessible and simple to use.

An Adaptable System that Changes with Business Needs

Sales & Service University™ ensures that as your business, personnel, and market evolves, you have ready-made resources to keep your team nimble, sharp, and up-to-date through continuous training and communication tools.





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