Sports Sales Training

Game Face doesn’t concern itself with a team’s win-loss record, facility, or roster. All we care about is a laser-sharp focus on what the organization is really selling. Game Face has visited more front and league offices and athletic departments than any company on record.

Ticket sales are the trunk of a franchise’s revenue tree, and no one knows how to grow the trunk more than Game Face, the most prolific sales training firm in sports.

Selling into the corporate market is becoming increasingly complex, competitive, and risky if one isn’t prepared. Game Face, now known for its training in multiple industries, provides  guidance for today’s sponsorship salespeople to seal the deal.

We teach today’s premium sellers the language of tomorrow, showing them what corporate buyers are looking for and how to attract them to a premium partnership.

As a former group sales manager for the Los Angeles Clippers, our founder developed a group sales campaign that got the attention of an entire league. That was in the 90s. See what we’ve come up with all these years and training sessions later!


Motivation with direction leads to inspiration.

Game Face brings a unique perspective and engaging view of the issues facing sports today. When it comes to the sports world, films and television give the impression that players and teams only need impassioned speeches to go out there and give it their all. While there is a time and a place for soaring rhetoric, Game Face Founder Rob Cornilles takes a more realistic and practical approach.


Great Presentations Start Here.

One facilitator or instructor can make the difference between a great conference and an average event. Sports-themed conferences are popping up all over the industry, but to stand out they have to be more than great mixers, showcases for new technology, or recruiting hideaways.

The best way to bring all successful components of a conference together is with a seasoned and experienced keynote speaker, workshop leader, or panelist — someone with a wealth of industry experience, a breadth of knowledge about sports and sports markets, and a unique, relatable perspective.

“At the Cardinals we insist that our entry-level salespeople be taught the right way – the Cardinals Way – from Day One. For nearly two decades Game Face has been our go-to source for sales best practices and principles. Hundreds of our employees – even our seasoned vets – have benefited from Game Face’s training, and hundreds more will!”

Joe Strohm
Vice President of Ticket Sales, St. Louis Cardinals


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