Corporate Sponsorship Sales Training

How to attract the major corporate players in your market through industry-leading corporate sponsorship sales training.

Our broad experience has led to deep insights into how corporate sponsorship sales are made.

Our start in 1995 may have come from ticket sales training, but over the years more and more sports teams and properties have realized that the same meticulous care and consideration to increase ticket and group sales must be applied to sponsorship sales too.

Corporations and the sports teams they sponsor mutually benefit from long-term partnerships. Sponsorships demonstrate a commitment to community and create a connection between fans and a brand.

Your leadership’s vision will be reinforced by Game Face as we show your team a winning strategy and approach. The methodology and techniques necessary to help them lure and keep your market’s most influential brands to your sports team and venue will impact your business for years to come.


To grow corporate partner sales, organizations must understand what today’s sponsors’ objectives are. Here are just a few:

  • They want to be associated with positivity in the community – Just as fans root for their teams, a successful corporate partnership brings about a rooting interest in that company’s products. Corporate sponsors use loyalty as a vehicle to align their marketing to that of a sports team.
  • They want to improve their brand affinity – Sponsors want their name in front of key demographics, the very constituency that follows your sports team. Done right, this should lead to an affinity that moves products and drives sales—all while in the enjoyable and comfortable setting of a sports or entertainment venue.
  • They want connectivity with fans – Gone are the days of sponsors being satisfied with just a sign display or radio spot. Corporate partners and fans want experiential games and events. Organizations that know how to produce—and sell—such value are able to charge more while commanding more profitable terms.
  • They want to enhance their image – Some companies are looking for a rebranding or are pursuing a new market or a strategic demographic. When executed well, sports sponsorships are an unparalleled way to show a company’s brand is active, responsive, and relevant.
  • They want greater employee engagement – When a firm or organization is affiliated with local sports teams or charities, workers feel better about where they work—that their employer cares about the same things they do. Company pride and productivity rise.


Each corporate partner has distinct preferences about how their company should be positioned. Traditional priorities may be:

  • Display of the brand name on stadium signage, banners around the venue, advertisements in game-day programs and other media, and logos on merchandise
  • Exclusive rights to sell product in the venue
  • Promotional mention for game-related statistics and events. (“The seventh inning stretch is brought to you by …”)
  • Branded game-day giveaways
  • Rights to place logos and branding on teams’ marketing materials


Game Face’s pioneering corporate partner sales training will embolden your sales team to understand the motives behind every would-be corporate partner. We take you deeper than sales tricks and give new insights into the mind of the sponsor and how they can be won through intuitive and creative selling. We also provide tips on how to handle sales prospecting, creative proposals, reporting ROI, maintaining the sales process, keeping the lines of communication open, and other tools needed to maintain these dynamic and complex relationships.


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“Feld Entertainment enjoys Game Face’s proven process for winning corporate partnerships. We appreciate the discipline and tracking modules they share.”

-Jason Bitsoff
Senior Vice President – Global Partnerships, Feld Entertainment


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