Construction Sales Training

Building a tower of customers begins with a solid foundation of principled sales methods using Game Face Construction Sales Training.

Top Construction Sales Training for the Construction Industry

Construction companies are faced with a number of unique issues that can make selling harder:

  • Your geographic range is usually limited, which restricts your opportunities to local projects.
  • Construction is seemingly either boom or bust, making it a customer-driven market with few gray areas.
  • The economics of your business may require bidding for projects outside of your areas of expertise

In our experience many salespeople in the construction industry do not come from a sales background. We admire that they are experts in the trade first and sales second. Some, in fact, are salespeople by default because they demonstrate the most “people skills” of anyone in the business. Game Face takes the energy inherent in such individuals—whether the owner or the granddaughter straight out of college—and loads their toolbelt with business selling skills that produce incredible results in the construction space.

Construction-related Sales Don’t Have To Be Difficult

Need to turn more of your bids into actual engagements? Game Face can help. Need to communicate better how your style and system differentiate you from other builders? Game Face covers that. Need to know how to identify prospects faster so they come to you before your competition? We handle that, too.

The key is, with Game Face, you’re working with a firm that knows how to teach sales principles and practices to an industry that historically relies on reputation and relationships to win new business. Our sales training is ideally suited for the construction industry and is pinpoint accurate to your business and objectives.


Learn to Manage Relationships

To complete a project successfully and on time, salespeople in the construction industry must work with diverse groups of people such as bankers, architects, surveyors, consultants, contractors, purchasers, government entities, landscapers, tenants and homeowners. Each has different interests and specific needs, and they must all be balanced to deliver the desired result. Building these relationships through sales skills is an important part of achieving success in the construction industry.

How to Navigate Customer Meetings

Less talking and more listening is key to understanding a project and the results stakeholders expect. But to listen, the other party must talk—and what they say needs to move the relationship forward. Game Face teaches specific techniques and a language that builds trust and transparency—critical components of a successful project. As you learn more about the constraints, concerns, and contributions of your many partners for a project, you can more easily win trust among them, ensuring a smoother project for all.

How to Negotiate a Win-Win

Nuances are part of every contract. Since successful projects are the result of each player believing they benefited from participation, Game Face trains construction salespeople how negotiations are conversations with commitments. How to make and fulfill them skillfully with diverse stakeholders sets Game Face-trained salespeople apart.

How to Lead During Onsite Meetings

Most construction bids are not won through doing better math. They’re achieved through a mix of phone conversations, onsite tours, and various means of follow-up. While Game Face sales training provides guidance in phone and electronic communications, we specialize in helping construction salespeople know how to demonstrate expertise without arrogance whenever they’re engaged with a key player in the project. Since people will continue to do business with people they like, how does one serve everyone’s interest but still achieve profitability on every deal?


Game Face’s clients have referred us to several customers in the industrial, commercial, and residential construction industries. We have risen to the challenge of training salespeople at a longstanding construction equipment manufacturer in the Midwest, a home and office accessories installer on the West coast, and a custom homebuilder in the Rocky Mountain region. Besides working in the construction zone, what did they all have in common? A need to take their storied and universally successful products to higher levels. Game Face sales training helps them better organize their sales groups and achieve greater customer acquisition and retention.

“Working with Rob and Game Face has been very beneficial to our firm. We implement the Game Face sales principles on a weekly if not daily basis. It has been wonderful getting a stronger foundation in sales and marketing from someone who cares as much about the success of our clientele as we do!”

Kelly Swan
Owner & Principal Architect, Kelly Swan Architecture


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