“First Day” Service Training

Which of the Sales & Service University™ customer service courses online should a newly-hired customer service employee take first? This one.

“First Day” Service Training

For those just hired or who missed live training sessions, this course provides an invaluable walk-through for customer service interactions that must be made today. It acts as a provisional training until the learner is able to engage with Sales Courses #1, #2, and #3.

Course Duration: 1 hour 45 mins

Recommended Schedule:

  • Ideal first-day-on-the-job activity as part of onboarding


Often new employees are hired during periods where leadership has very little capacity to train new employees. This course is an important, readily-accessible resource to provide critical new employee training without using up valuable leadership time and attention.


A new service employee who can effectively handle a customer call and productively contribute to the team Day #1.

“Working with Rob and his team has been an eye-opening and game changing experience. Rob’s ability to take his incredible wealth of knowledge and apply it to your team is second to none. I find myself constantly going back over my notes to better, not only myself, but how I teach my team. Within 48 hours of wrapping up our sessions, one of my reps was able to apply the principles learned and saved a major account.”

Sean Walsh
Senior Director Client Services, Boston Red Sox


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