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For three decades Game Face B2B Sales Training has enabled the sports & entertainment industry to sell premium seating and bring their customers the best possible results.

Expert B2B Sales Training to Facilitate Premium Sales

Everyone remembers their first sporting or concert event viewed from a suite or premium seat. No lines to the restroom, an unending supply of food and beverages, an unobstructed view, no undesirable interaction with rowdy or out-of-town fans. The premium seating experience seems like an easy sell. Yet, it’s one of the most complex and longest sales cycles in all of sports. Game Face trains even the most savvy salesperson how to work this sometimes frustrating maze to a successful B2B sale.


Premium seating is a big deal for sports teams and entertainment venues across the industry. Renovations are not undertaken to add regular seats, but to increase capacity for premium seating and suites. Municipalities and sports franchises are constructing billion dollar, luxurious facilities that include field-level suites and different types of premium seating, all in an effort to lure fans, both casual and passionate, to the venue for a corporate experience that drives business results. Whether your stadium or arena has luxury boxes, corporate suites, sky boxes or private boxes, Game Face will use our proven premium sales training program to show your staff how to obtain the necessary yeses in your market so your premium seating real estate is prized by all.


Premium seating is an attractive asset in business today. State-of-the-art facilities, packed with ever-increasing creature comforts and perks, are ideal venues for team building, coworker outings, product presentations and client development. Further, for out-of-town clients, they provide a terrific showcase of your community’s uniqueness and personality. Strategically utilized venues can be a great place to celebrate a new deal, break the monotony of long days in meetings, offer a new environment to carry on discussions and find common ground, or share in a common goal—a team victory!

Game Face understands that premium inventory is important to overall sales. That’s why we’ve developed the most industry-specific, up-to-date selling practices to teach your people the best ways to sell. Sports and other forms of entertainment are a great equalizer and through the proper selling of premium seating and the premier experience it brings, your organization will produce for clients a productive and profitable affair every night.


The approach your premium sales staff used when they sold season tickets as young sports sellers differed greatly from what should be communicated when approaching the premium audience. Through our proprietary approach, Game Face will give your staff the tools they need to sell high-end seating and bring your customers the best possible results. As the market becomes more expectant of experience over entertainment, Game Face’s history of training a variety of industries makes our premium seating sales training the most insightful anywhere around the globe.


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“I have enlisted Rob to train and work with multiple staff in different markets and sports over many years, and he has always provided the most applicable training to what our industry is doing day-to-day. He is professional, efficient, and takes great care to focus on the priorities of our management team. Without fail, his training complements and reinforces our messaging.”

-Jim Willits
Vice President, Sales and Service, Chicago White Sox


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