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One facilitator or instructor can make the difference between a great conference and an average event. Sports-themed conferences are popping up all over the industry, but to stand out they have to be more than great mixers, showcases for new technology, or recruiting hideaways.

The best way to bring all successful components of a conference together is with a seasoned and experienced keynote speaker, workshop leader, or panelist — someone with a wealth of industry experience, a breadth of knowledge about sports and sports markets, and a unique, relatable perspective.


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We’ve Seen It All

Game Face has had a front-row seat to the evolution of the sports industry for decades. In that time, our founder, Rob Cornilles, has visited more front and league offices and athletic departments than anyone on record. 

How has the industry changed? In these times of instant, 24-hour news and social media, sports coverage and analysis is more prevalent than ever. In the past, if you missed the game, you stayed up late to watch the 11:00 news, or you read about it in the paper the next day. Baseball games were described in a box score. Now, news, scores and roster moves are sent directly to your smartphone.

Teams use advanced analytics and “sabermetrics” to break every aspect of every game into a quantifiable number. Winning is a formula, a mathematical equation that is either right or wrong. 

Sports Conference Presenter at BYU EMBA CareerBoost Keynote

Athletes themselves use technology to elevate their skills and their mental abilities. It seems sports today is as much analytics and thought as it is physical ability and luck. 

Buying tickets has changed, too. The secondary ticket market used to belong to scalpers. Getting seats at the last minute usually depended on what was being scalped outside the stadium. Now people can download and use popular apps to buy and sell tickets minutes before gametime.

Corporate sponsorship has advanced beyond just a recipe of traditional signage and mixed media. Partners demand those plus digital tools, premium seating, and hyper-creative, interactive promotions.

Pioneering Conference Training

Game Face was not only present for these changes and others, we were a pioneer in training and professionalizing sports executives. Whether as Major League Soccer’s original, contracted “Sales Coach,” organizing and conducting league-wide sales conferences and awards in the early days of the league; or as the creators of the original Sales Academy in the late ’90s, where job-seekers came for training and placement services before job fairs became the norm;  or as an original member of the advisory board for the National Sports Forum, Rob Cornilles and Game Face have been at the forefront of executive development best practices. 

Whatever your conference calls for, we can provide. Rob Cornilles has had the honor of addressing attendees at various major and minor league meetings, industry conferences, forums, trade shows, and seminars. In all, tens of thousands of past, current, and future leaders have benefitted as audience members in one of Rob’s dynamic and inspiring presentations.

Call Game Face, tell us what you’re looking for. Or, give us the time and watch how we maximize every minute for your attendees. Either way, we are ready to collaborate to craft a role for Rob that will bring it all together.

Amanda Verhoffen

Rob Cornilles is the true pioneer of sports sales training. ALSD, which produces some of the preeminent annual conferences and tradeshows with vast education, is proud to continue to use Rob and his firm to present, moderate, and facilitate workshops and training sessions each year. His level of expertise and adaptability to the ever-changing sports sales and hospitality marketplace makes him one of our most popular speakers and is another reason we rely on Rob and Game Face.

Amanda Verhoff
President, Association of Luxury Suite Directors

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