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Get your game face on.

Training: The Guided Acceleration to Better Performance

Get Your ‘Game Face’ On

A common term heard among sportscasters is ‘game face.’ They use it to describe a professional golfer on the practice green waiting for their Sunday tee time, a goalie moments before a shootout, or a middle linebacker looking to make the stop on a critical goal-line stand. When an athlete has their game face on, it means they possess readiness, confidence, intensity, discipline, determination, and drive. It means they are locked in, fully prepared to compete, serious about the task at hand, and in control of the game plan and their role in it. They are focused on one goal: success. 

These are the qualities salespeople and sales leaders must develop and maintain to achieve long-term success. Consistent greatness in sales requires a lot more than enthusiasm. It is an energy born from confidence—an assurance that you’re ready because goals are established, strategic thinking is finished, and you’re completely prepared for what comes next. 

And this is what Game Face sales training is all about: preparation. Our professional sales training sharpens the inherent skills of every salesperson and gives them the tools to:

  • Educate prospects about company offerings 
  • Influence, inspire, and motivate them to take action
  • Persuade them that your product or service is the best solution

Great Salesmanship Is Timeless

Selling is when a well-intentioned, properly trained person motivates a client to think differently and take appropriate action. An unfortunate but understandable conception of a salesperson is someone who is shady, sleazy, sneaky, self-interested, someone who uses tricks, half-truths, and underhanded tactics to fool someone into buying something they don’t want or need.

But in the hands of a trained professional, selling is a noble pursuit. And selling has been practiced by world leaders and renowned figures throughout history. 

When Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address, he was selling. In fewer than 300 words, he had to persuade a divided nation that the carnage of a two-and-a-half-year-long Civil War was the price to pay for a concept that would unify our country and define humanity. He needed to motivate and inspire his listeners, and in doing so, he delivered one of the greatest speeches in our nation’s history to a reluctant and, in some respects, hostile audience.

If President Lincoln can shape a nation with a three-minute sales pitch, imagine what your team can do when they carefully apply the same principles to grow client acquisition, retention, and satisfaction. 

Game Face professional sales training is designed to tap into the natural, intuitive way of selling that leaders and innovators have used to influence, motivate and inspire people over the course of history. We present them as simple, straightforward concepts that any company, organization or unit can use every day. 

Our team members are grateful to consistently hear participants say it’s the best training they’ve experienced in their careers. Our clients immediately recognize how Game Face training will make a substantial and positive impact on their experience, career, and income.

Dave Beaulieu

“When our sales team needed a scientific refresh to our approach, we added Rob and Game Face to the mix. The team loves it! Rob gets us outside our comfort zone and helps us learn. The program has become so popular, other Maritz business units are now contracting with Game Face. True pros and fun to work with…and it works!”

Dave Beaulieu
– CCO, EVP Global Healthcare, Maritz


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Experience an Effective Sales Training Camp Like No Other

Our unique training sessions and workshop environment give participants real-time feedback that leads to new and practical sales skills that can be implemented immediately.

Well over 400 professional organizations from a diverse array of industries have benefited from Game Face’s professional sales training techniques and seminars. We have coached tens of thousands of sales professionals in dozens of markets and stages of the sales cycle. Our sales training is appropriate for new sales professionals needing to learn the right way of selling from the start, or veteran sales reps who recognize that continuous improvement is a fundamental principle for anyone who dreams of being inducted into their industry’s Sales Hall of Fame.


Our sales coaching shows attendees how to:

  • Distance themselves from stereotypical sales
  • Build strong sales habits
  • Be more genuine and personable 
  • Tenderize with the right words
  • Sell to different people of varied backgrounds
  • Discard product-centric sales approaches
  • Communicate the true results they are selling
  • Invite dialogue instead of monologues
  • Demonstrate believability through the voice
  • Work with gatekeepers respectfully
  • Create urgency for the right reasons
  • Listen instead of talk
  • Ask questions that promote interaction
  • Uncover true concerns
  • Obtain referrals respectfully and consistently
  • Always be prospecting
  • Leave effective voicemails and messages through social selling
  • Handle objections agreeably
  • Follow up to help rather than harass
  • Conduct yourself professionally regardless of conditions

Supercharge Your Sales

Since nothing happens until somebody sells something, jumpstart your career or team through world-class sales training.

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Supercharge Your Sales

Since nothing happens until somebody sells something, jumpstart your career or team through world-class sales training.

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