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Historically, students interested in entering the world of sports business would obtain a general degree and then scramble to find a job in sports. But in recent decades, colleges and universities everywhere have introduced degree programs centered on sports marketing, sports administration and sports management. These are specific undergraduate and graduate programs designed to produce professionals with industry knowledge and practical experience in sales, marketing, business management, and operations—all with an eye toward professional and intercollegiate sports and the products and services that support them.

Game Face: An Unequaled Complement to Any Collegiate Sports Curriculum

If you are looking for practical, bona fide content to enhance your curriculum, Game Face is the answer. Our sales philosophy and techniques, either as a supplement to your existing curriculum or as a stand-alone class, can greatly increase a student’s ability to stand out and secure work in the industry upon graduation.

We Invented the Sales Academy

As far back as 1999, Game Face was innovating the way students were prepared for successful sports careers. The Game Face Executive Academy—later rebranded as the Sales Academy—took young people eager to enter the industry and coupled their formal education with sport-specific training, followed by introductions to hiring managers from teams and organizations in all markets. With hundreds of candidates successfully placed into a variety of entry-level, full-time positions, higher education, franchises and leagues began adopting the Game Face model at job fairs, practicums and multi-day forums. Pioneered by Game Face, the concept of a skills training sales academy is now a staple throughout sports today. We know how to teach the critical skills organizations are demanding from new hires because we’re in their offices virtually every week. It’s no wonder that many of today’s sports leaders began their careers at the Game Face Executive Academy.

Jason Williams

“In our Rawlings Sport Business Management Program at Maryville University, we permit only the best sport business industry practitioners to teach our students. We selected Rob Cornilles, and hundreds of students and dozens of successful placements later, there’s no doubt we made the right choice. Rob is a true partner and plays an integral role in our program’s success.”

Dr. Jason M. Williams
Assistant Dean / Director, Rawlings Sports Business Management Program


Years Helping College
Graduates Secure F/T Sports Jobs


Sports Teams Trained
by Game Face


Industry Executives

A Case Study in Successful Higher Ed Partnering

One of Game Face’s proudest achievements in the world of academia has been our partnership with Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri. An integral part of the undergraduate sports business management program, the on-campus professor provides the foundational Game Face curriculum so the students can obtain a basic understanding of how to sell properly in the sports environment. Game Face then arrives on campus to provide three days of comprehensive and intensive sports sales training, presenting to the class tried-and-true sales techniques developed over decades as a sports industry practitioner. Students then participate in a selling laboratory, calling actual customers of the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Club and selling tickets and other offerings.

Because these students have been “Game Face trained” through practical sales knowledge and real-world sports sales and marketing experience, they quickly become attractive candidates to professional sports-related businesses as they approach graduation. As part of this successful partnership, Rawlings Sports Business Management students from Maryville University enjoy one of the highest placement rates among all sports management graduates in the country.

Enhance Your Classroom Lectures With a Guest Speaker From Game Face

If your program doesn’t require the level of commitment just described, no worries. Game Face is happy to provide your class the added value of our curriculum through either our new online course, or as a guest speaker. Our founder, Rob Cornilles, got his start in the sports industry. As a ticket sales executive for the Los Angeles Clippers in the early ’90s, Rob learned some hard lessons about sports, sales, success in business, how to juggle expectations and realities, and how to achieve results when nothing seems to be in your favor.

This kind of real-world experience – the struggles of a young sports sales professional, how he approached them, how he overcame them, and how he grew into a trainer and mentor for tens of thousands of sales professionals in dozens of industries – is the kind of guidance and reality check your students will appreciate and can apply to their own personal lives and budding professional careers. Ask Game Face how your students can access our innovative online curriculum and/or how an on-campus visit can be arranged.

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