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Smile and dial: a phrase more likely to be true when outbound sales reps are wearing their game face.

Don’t Waste Another Valuable Lead Until Your Outbound Sales Force is Game Face Certified

Call Center Sales Done Right

Cold calling. It’s a term that evokes some of the worst notions about selling and salesmanship. Pushy sales pitches, calls that come at the worst time, pitches for products that miss the mark, callers that are reading from a script. And on the selling side of things, outbound sales is reserved for rookies. As an approach, it relies on interrupting people from their jobs, grabbing their attention, explaining why they need to be interested in what you’re offering, and then applying pressure to get a decision immediately.

But outbound sales can be so much more. It can be a tool to reach out to older clients to find out why they went to a competitor, how that decision is working for them, and what it will take to earn their business again. It allows your company to explore new and diverse markets where your product may not be the first-choice solution. But mostly it’s about pursuing qualified leads, reaching out professionally to the ideal customer, tactfully identifying their struggles or pains, and respectfully proving you have the solutions.

Jessica Rentel

“I was a bit apprehensive when we first began partnering with Game Face because I wasn’t sure how it was going to impact our well-established process. But Rob, who visits us regularly, has been so incredibly helpful in enhancing our training infrastructure – specifically our sales training. He brought something new and fresh to the table that we hadn’t had before. He trains everyone from our new hires to our management team and there’s always something new to learn each time he visits. I’ve really been able to lean on him as a consultant to our business and he’s become more of an Abstrakt team/family member than a service provider. I’m always excited to see what he’s going to bring to us next!”

Jessica Rentel
– Director of Partner Sales, Abstrakt Marketing Group


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What Are Outbound Sales?

To generate interest for your product or service, the simplest and most direct way is to pick up the phone and call someone who might consider buying it. This strategy is based on a generated list of pre-qualified leads that is purchased or built in-house.

Companies like yours turn to an outbound strategy to:

  • Supplement an inbound marketing strategy
  • Generate a steady flow of new and qualified leads
  • Populate an outside sales team’s prospect list
  • Set appointments for outside sales reps
  • Reach target markets
  • Introduce new products and services to past leads

How Does Game Face Help?

We model for sales teams how to begin a call, even though it was unsolicited by the prospect. Then, we use our practical methods to help the salesperson engage the prospect quickly and easily. We teach how one should listen to prospects to learn about them and from them, and how to make an effort not to just sell something, but make a genuine, human connection that produces a business relationship. If “call reluctance” is the result of rejection born of ineffective techniques, the Game Face approach teaches a consistent process that turns cold calling into warm conversations.

Game Face’s responsibility is to give clients’ outbound sales staff the skills to dial someone who, despite possessing no inclination to buy their product, will nevertheless invite them to continue speaking! We show your outbound sales staff how to use their voices to project confidence and empathy and not sound like scripted telemarketers awaiting rejection so they can just move on to the next call. Game Face gives them the phone skills to demonstrate professionalism, intelligence, expertise, and experience to nurture and gain the trust of those they are calling. This is what creates opportunities to move your products and services to the forefront as a solution to whatever may ail the prospect.

Client Success

One of the more dynamic businesses with which we have been entrusted is Abstrakt Marketing Group, a booming outbound B2B company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Providing outbound sales for 700-plus clients, Abstrakt builds on leads and sets appointments with key decision-makers—ultimately expanding their clients’ growth. Game Face conducts regular training workshops with Abstrakt’s more than 240 sales representatives on how to incorporate basic as well as advanced sales techniques to increase their success rate and sell for a diverse clientele nationwide.

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Since nothing happens until somebody sells something, jumpstart your career or team through world-class sales training.

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Supercharge Your Sales

Since nothing happens until somebody sells something, jumpstart your career or team through world-class sales training.

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