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Motivation without direction leads to frustration. Game Face trains sales leaders how to direct and guide first so that motivation—and more sales—follow.

Superior Sales Leadership

A Manager For Every Task

As a sales manager, you have enormous responsibilities. Your actions and decisions touch every area of the business and can have far-reaching consequences. Just look at the different hats you have to wear:

Business manager – You are responsible for driving new sales, keeping the cash flow positive, and adhering to, or even developing, long-term sales strategies. The buck stops with you, and if your team starts to falter, you need to be the inspirational leader who elevates their game.

Customer relations manager – Finding new customers is one thing, but maintaining existing relationships is another. Sometimes the best sale is keeping an existing customer who is considering leaving. Or maybe your customer feels your company isn’t keeping the promises made when they were sold. You are the one that has to understand their needs and your company’s ability to meet them, even if someone on your staff made the sale.

Personnel manager – These are the people you recruit, hire, and nurture into an effective and unified team, and you are primarily responsible for their success. 


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Sales Leadership Training Will Help You Accomplish Your Goals

These responsibilities are not insignificant. But with Game Face Sales Leadership training, you obtain the tools to be all of that and more. Notice how personal sales ability isn’t one of the attributes listed above. Leaders aren’t necessarily the best at sales; they help others be their best at sales. 

Game Face can prepare you for this role. How will we do it? Through our Sales Leadership training program, where participants learn:


How to Be a Sales Leader

How do you know if you’re a good leader? If others are following you. Is your team prepared, innovative, and inspired? Are you equipped to meet an issue head on, take immediate and decisive action, follow through appropriately, and, perhaps most important, take responsibility for the outcome?

How to Build the Right Team

Why do most sales managers hire too fast and fire too slowly? Is forming a winning team an art or science, or both? What’s the difference between enthusiasm and empowerment, and which comes first? In today’s revolving-door job market, how do you find and lure the right people with the right attitudes and skills who can best represent your company while achieving maximum performance in selling your product?

How to Conquer Complacency

When an office is inflicted with the poison called call reluctance, when a product isn’t performing as promised, when rejection has become an expectation more than an exception, or when success is commonplace and hunger only happens at lunchtime, complacency sets in. Since urgency is the catalyst for success, Game Face Sales Leadership training will help managers light a fire under their people. We will provide tools that help mentors recognize, fight, and eradicate office complacency so the thirst for success is never quenched.

How to Motivate And Direct

If a sales rep doesn’t seem to be “getting it,” effective leaders will help them find it. Game Face Sales Leadership training assists managers in evaluating, nurturing, and guiding staff when targets aren’t being met, when some are underperforming, or if others seem a little lost. We offer techniques to better communicate management’s expectations, help personnel address issues that paralyze performance, outline clearly what is expected, and give them personalized tools to excel.

How to Earn and Keep Trust

Above all, a sales manager must be trusted—by management that hired them, the people they lead, and clients they must please. These relationships are perhaps their most important stewardship. Since integrity cannot be bought, it must be earned. Game Face Sales Leadership training produces skills that help managers act and serve with fairness and honesty that translates to respect among their many constituents. 

How to Run Meetings That Matter  

If there is one unavoidable duty of managers, it is to attend meetings. Lots of them. Call them, sit in them, run them. And sales teams are usually the sorry victims who must endure it all. Game Face Sales Leadership training will provide tips on how to power up meetings and empower those who attend. Applicable tools within Game Face’s “MTG – Motivate, Train, Guide” model will rejuvenate meetings and make them the meaningful gatherings every team needs.


Those assigned to manage an organization will only achieve needed results for their group or department when they realize their job isn’t to make sales, it’s to lead sales. Those who wish to teach others first need to be trained themselves. Participants of the Game Face Sales Leadership workshop develop immediately actionable skills that make a positive impact today and a legacy of leadership for years to come. Allow Game Face to help  build a better environment of unity and understanding, accountability and achievement, and respect and results!

Taylor Halverson

“As, over the years, Rob has developed his transformative approach to leadership, I have observed and learned from him steady kindness, insightful wisdom, enlivening humor, and trustworthy guidance. Upon receiving his transformative leadership training, executives immediately become leaders that others want to follow.”

Taylor Halverson
– PH.D., Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University; Author and Lecturer

Leaders Go First

Since real leaders practice what they preach, model continuous improvement for your team by enlisting Game Face Sales Leadership Training today!

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Leaders Go First

Since real leaders practice what they preach, model continuous improvement for your team by enlisting Game Face Sales Leadership Training today!

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