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At Game Face we guide and accelerate the experience of new salespeople.

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Working Our Way Up

Imagine you are one of Game Face’s startup clients. As the CEO of a brand-new company, you have an innovative new product and probably a few steadfast customers. But as your company grows, you find less and less time to sell. Do you invest in a seasoned sales team? That can be expensive, and since you’re just starting out, you might not have the cash flow to support hiring a rock star sales staff. 

The alternative is to hire a group of young people or those new to selling. They could be new graduates or interns, or perhaps more seasoned people with a knack for “people skills.” Collectively, they most likely have limitless ambition, are eager to get out there and sell with a strong yearning to build your brand and make a mark. Desire and willingness to sacrifice are great qualities to have in a sales force, but this needs to be harnessed with the right training to be truly effective. That’s why sales leaders with less -experienced salespeople rely on Game Face as their auxiliary training source.


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Some Bad Habits of Entry-level Salespeople We Need to Break

Falling for sales gimmicks – Your new people might have the misguided notion that the key to selling is to beat the other person. (See popular movies depicting sales and salespeople.) Unwise salespeople foolishly collect a bag of tricks they can use to convince someone to do something against their better judgment. 

Failure to accept feedback – Sometimes suggested improvements are viewed as pointed criticism, putting the salesperson on defense. The key is to have a respected sales coach whose experience and insights—not to mention their use of intriguing and relevant examples—the young salesperson trusts. With decades of experience in all kinds of industries and circumstances, Game Face has become that valued partner to tens of thousands of beginning salespeople.

High turnover – Constant rejection or the view that they are stuck in a dead end job leads to high turnover and higher costs in time and resources to replace the people lost. Game Face helps to stem unnecessary turnover by training salespeople properly the first time, giving them a sure sense of the price—and benefits—of a career that can reward them handsomely. And, increasingly, our experience evaluating the potential of salespeople leads our clients to turn to Game Face for an honest assessment of existing or incoming sales team members.


At the Cardinals we insist that our entry-level salespeople be taught the right way – the Cardinals Way – from Day One. For nearly two decades Game Face has been our go-to source for sales best practices and principles. Hundreds of our employees – even our seasoned vets – have benefited from Game Face’s training, and hundreds more will!

Joe Strohm
Vice President of Ticket Sales, St. Louis Cardinals

Essential Lessons for New Salespeople

Rob Cornilles and the Game Face coaches will assist you and your sales leadership team in building the right habits for your team. We provide a roadmap to success—starting with our Five Synonyms for Sales—and expedite learning to get salespeople to a productive state much faster than the traditional sales school of hard knocks.

Sales is a noble profession – Too many see sales as a stepping stone, a necessary evil to something better in their career. As soon as they gain some degree of success, the expectation is that a better opportunity should present itself. There is nothing wrong with ambition, but we also show your employees that, when done properly, sales can be a very rewarding and meaningful career. In fact, when done right, it’s a noble profession! Sales doesn’t have to be for the sleazy, slimy, shady, and self-interested.

Sales is communication – Sales isn’t deceit. A sales “wizard” isn’t someone who uses tricks and sleight of hand to convince someone to do something against their will. Sales is persuasion, yes, but it is persuasion through honest influencing, educating, motivating, and inspiring. Integrity selling happens when the sales representative successfully shows someone how their issues can be solved through your product or service. 

Sales isn’t about pitching – It is about listening and understanding. Empathy is one of the best skills a salesperson can have, yet many new salespeople feel as if they need to control the conversation to close the sale. We show them how to stow their ego, make the focus about the buyer and not the seller, engage a key decision-maker in beneficial and easy conversation, how to unearth the pain points, and how they can address them better than anyone else. Lead the conversation, don’t dominate it. 

Sales is demonstrating expertise – No matter the product, from dollhouses to diapers, lawn care to pharmaceuticals, we show your new people how to legitimately sound like an expert. We teach how to sound confident without being condescending. 

Supercharge Your Sales

Since no good lead should be wasted, give your young sellers the skills they need and the advantage they deserve with world-class sales training.

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Supercharge Your Sales

Since nothing happens until somebody sells something, jumpstart your career or team through world-class sales training.

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