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Authentic Not Artificial

Any gathering of professionals, be it a conference or corporate event, has to have a clear focus—an overriding sense that this particular group of people has been brought together for something much more profound than networking and a buffet lunch. Each attendee needs to be an active participant, contributing to the purpose and theme. The best way to accomplish this is through an engaging and accomplished keynote speaker.

An excellent keynote speech is relevant, inspiring, practical, and worth remembering. It challenges listeners to re-think issues and approach them in different ways.

This interaction is essential to furthering each audience member’s growth, whether in new techniques to use at work, clarification of organizational goals, or how to be a more valuable team player. A great headliner with a unique, entertaining keynote speech will bring sharpness and strength to your message and drive your event’s success.

How Do You Know If They’ve Got It?

A successful keynote speaker is one that hits just the right notes for your event or conference. They’re able to speak about the world of business generally because their experiences are assorted and vast. Yet they also display a deep understanding of the nuanced challenges your company or organization faces because they see what others have not. Audience members believe the speaker’s words because they trust the guest’s ability to perceive core issues. Those who attend Rob Cornilles’ keynotes use such words to describe his offerings as “insightful,” “transformational,” “intuitive,” and “groundbreaking.”


As a keynote speaker, Rob Cornilles:

  • Brings focus to the target audience. 
  • Understands the overall theme of the conference by working closely with the organizers.
  • Uses real and personal stories to reinforce the intended message.
  • Displays a genuineness that eliminates cynicism and arm-folding.
  • Is relatable and accessible so the audience is left with a feeling of community and that his message applies to them.
  • Simplifies the message into a straightforward call to action.
  • Avoids tricks of audience manipulation and speaks from the heart.

Rob Cornilles is a remarkable person, leader and contributor! His track record of delivering quality results inspires confidence, and how he goes about achieving those results inspires trust. I greatly admire and value Rob and his insights.”

Stephen M.R. Covey

The New York Times & #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Speed of Trust, and co-author of Smart Trust



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A Tailored Message for Your Audience

It could be a room full of pipefitters and welders, sports executives, spinal surgeons, first responders, graduating seniors, seasoned salespeople, or any combination of people. The message will be clear, engaging, and relevant to everyone. 

Rob Cornilles can accommodate any audience to interpret and articulate the message you wish to convey. We can communicate anything related to sales, customer service, team-building, business development, customer/client acquisition, fundraising, cause marketing, or recruitment/human resources.

Rob knows how to assess your business quickly and tailor not only the message, but the style of how it should be delivered. The result is listeners who instantly see how these core principles and results-based content will benefit them in their jobs and daily lives. His unparalleled role advising the sports industry makes him uniquely positioned to bring interesting experiences to a wide range of organizations and industries. In fact, his deep history behind the scenes of the sports business is exactly why so many organizations call on him. It doesn’t matter if the audience is full of sports enthusiasts, Rob adjusts his message and stories to share timeless principles that all will find transferable to their lives and work.


Game Face Does the Homework

Being able to convey and communicate a message so an audience can grasp and use the information to their (and ultimately to the organization’s) benefit is what we do best. We communicate with event organizers to fully understand the message, makeup, and psychology of the audience. It is vital to us that we “get it,” because this is how we ensure a message is framed in the proper context.

Motivate and Inspire Your Audience

Nothing’s more satisfying for an event organizer than to hear, “Thanks for getting that speaker!” Contact Game Face to learn how we can ensure your event’s success.

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