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For decades, technology companies operated under a number of rudimentary concepts such as the “break-fix” model and the related “if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it” approach. Technology companies were reactionary to their customers’ needs. Now, through managed information technology services, IT companies take a proactive approach to service. This naturally has led to higher margins, better scalability, and long-term customer relationships that produce solid recurring revenue.

But this is a competitive market and tech companies like yours find it difficult to differentiate themselves from dozens of others that sell what many would term the same thing. Preventive IT care can be a hard sell to companies that are used to traditional help desk service.This is where sales training from Game Face brings the most value to our tech clients. You can be confident your experienced sales coach knows your business and market, and can guide your business toward real growth through sales techniques your competition can’t touch.


“I have utilized Rob’s extensive background in sales and client management both personally early on in my career, and then later on as a business owner with a dedicated sales force. Rob is engaging and insightful and our time together is fruitful. Those that he trains and develops are better off and will gain from decades of his leadership in the space. If you’re undecided on the long term ROI with Game Face, simply take their call and chances are you’ll quickly see his value and potential to help move your team faster, in the right direction.”

Brian Lesser
– Owner, CIT Electronics


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What Game Face Teaches

How to sell more than technologyYes, software training is important, but the average customer of a tech company puts less emphasis on features like firewalls, anti-virus software, data backup, server virtualization, and cloud computing. The nuts and bolts of what you sell— your product—don’t matter as much as how your company delivers valuable solutions such as increasing productivity, providing reliable security, achieving compliance, and reducing costs. These are the results your customers are looking for—and we train your people to communicate these imperatives in every interaction.

How to focus on your company’s differentiators – Managed IT companies, for instance, often offer the same products. But the key is to remember that what matters most to your customers is how your company will partner with theirs. This requires all members of your team to work collaboratively to move the sale forward and develop and maintain the customer relationship. Yes, even those who aren’t traditional salespeople need to develop basic and practical sales skills. Firms that adopt such a unified approach through Game Face find their newfound culture becomes another unique selling feature.

How to enjoy, not evade, talking price – Your expertise and services come at a cost. If, by chance, your product isn’t all that unique, the service and counsel you provide should be! Your team is part of what the customer is buying, along with a complete IT solution or improved software system—so you charge accordingly. This confident approach allows salespeople to show customers what quality solutions and support look like and why they’re priced the way they are. In the end, a trained Game Face sales rep knows how to justify any price and assist the customer in concluding it is reasonable and worth the investment. 

How to embrace sales without sacrificing quality – For most tech firms to be successful, they must focus on tech sales. Of course, this is elementary, but how many invest as much in business development as they do in R&D? Without a concerted effort to educate the world on your managed IT services, internet security software, hardware invention, or whatever innovation you have brought to market, the genius of your work will never impact the world like it could. Let Game Face assist in taking your best work to a broader audience through a sales approach that is as innovative and revolutionary as the product you represent.

Client Success

Maritz is a sales and marketing services company that designs and operates employee recognition and reward programs, sales channel incentive programs, and customer loyalty programs. It also plans corporate trade shows, meetings and events, and offers a customer experience technology platform. With a number of companies under its worldwide umbrella, Maritz turned to Game Face to assist their seasoned sales force in best articulating its varied solutions in any number of circumstances. Whether face to face in London or over the phone with a customer in Tucson, the Game Face methodology is winning new customers and helping to upsell longtime Maritz partners into even more sustainable relationships. 

Dave Beaulieu

“When our sales team needed a scientific refresh to our approach, we added Rob and Game Face to the mix. The team loves it! Rob gets us outside our comfort zone and helps us learn. The program has become so popular, other Maritz business units are now contracting with Game Face. True pros and fun to work with…and it works!”

Dave Beaulieu
– CCO, EVP Global Healthcare, Maritz

Supercharge Your Sales

Since nothing happens until somebody sells something, jumpstart your career or team through world-class sales training.

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Supercharge Your Sales

Since nothing happens until somebody sells something, jumpstart your career or team through world-class sales training.

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